Color Wheel, Colour Chart

When it comes to coloring hair, one of the biggest tools a hair colorist can use is a color wheel. The color wheel helps hone in and target a shade that the hair color specialist can either want to neutralize or emphasize.

Primary colors are red yellow and blue are the basic colors and cannot be made by mixing other colors. These are the colors that matter the most when coloring hair. The bases of these colors make up all the other colors.

Secondary colors and made by mixing two primary colors.

Tertiary colors are made by mixing one primary with one adjacent secondary color

Warm colors are advancing colors and Cool colors are receding.

When it comes to coloring your hair, make sure your hair colorist understand the color of law. And yes, make sure he or she owns a color wheel.

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Color Wheel, Colour Chart


Hair Colorist MJ Hair Designs and Ammonia-Free CØR.color
Oh, ammonia!  It may be fine for cleaning-up around your house but not for your hair.  The time has come for ammonia-free hair color and you’ve come to the right place to find out about why that’s so important.  O&M CØR.color is the next generation in ammonia-free hair color.  They call it CØR because clean color is at the core of what makes their hair-color line better for your hair’s strength and good health.
This new hair-coloring technique didn’t just come about overnight.  It took years of research, along with real-life in-salon testing to make coloring your hair such a clean, ammonia-free and risk-free process.  O&M wanted to make sure they got it right with CØR.color.  Their revolutionary new system guarantees super coverage of graying hair, while minimizing scalp irritation.  How’d they do it?  Well, it took some doing but but I’m really impressed with the way they pulled it off.
For starters, O&M removed the common scalp-irritating ingredients that were once common in so many hair-coloring products of the past.  The biggest culprit?  It was ammonia.  From the CØR line, the ammonia is gone!  But they didn’t stop there.  CØR.color uses no PPDs, no Resorcinol, no Gluten or soy, and no animal-product ingredients, either.  That’s right, O&M CØR.color is good for your hair and for the environment.
I’m thrilled to be adding the CØR.color line to my color palette at the salon.  In fact, I’ve used it on a few of my clients and, I’m happy to say, RAVE reviews are already coming in.  Reviews like these.
M. Popkin Kline says, “I’ve never had hair-color cover 101% of my grey, and give my hair so much vibrancy, while keeping it smooth-to-the-touch, looking really healthy and shiny!”  D. F. confesses she’s been allergic to just about everything.  She’d not been able to find a hair-color system that didn’t literally make her sick.  She’s a true believer now and is happy to say, CØR.color was the color system that saved her hair!
When it comes to coloring your hair, these days, it’s all about CLEAN!  Consumers are constantly looking for pure, more natural, high performance hair-care products, giving you clean, ammonia-free color.  Well, they can stop looking.  Out with the ammonia!  CØR.color really is the clean, irritant-free answer to those hair-coloring problems you may have had in the past.  You won’t find O&M CØR.color line just anywhere.  But you can find it when you visit me at the salon.
So come on in and let me show you the clean, ammonia-free solution to coloring your hair!


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With over 30 years of experience doing hair, and doing it well (thank you) I’ve learned a lot about the benefits and risks of using hair-dyes. As a hair-colorist I’ve seen lots of companies produce hair-dye products but the big question is,

HOW SAFE is Paraphenylenediamine or PPD?

I’ve seen the integrity of some of those products degrade dramatically over the years. For more than 100 years, para-phenylenediamine (PPD) and related products have been the main agents in today’s permanent hair-dyes.  PPD and its associated hair-dyes is they sometimes cause allergic reactions and allergies. In fact, during the 20th century, allergic reactions to PPD enhanced products became such a serious issue that it was banned altogether from hair-dyes in Germany, France and Sweden.

Currently, legislation from the European Union allows PPD to compromise up to 6% of hair- dyes used in the consumer market.  Why is all this important?

Well, a patient with contact allergy to a hair-dye may end-up with an outbreak of dermatitis on the face or around the hair line.   Even more severe allergic reactions may also occur.  

Especially among younger people, hair-dyes, in a variety of wild colors has become oh-so-very hip.  Even more concerning is that female high school or college-age students are dyeing their hair at shorter intervals, increasing their risk for allergic reactions.  

In the U.S.A., the number of young men dyeing their hair has increased by as much as 25%!  That’s a whole lot of hair-dye being sold.  One leading Japanese company saw its own hair-dye sales more than double in a ten-year period.  

I care about you, and of course...your healthy hair.  That’s why I use only the finest international hair-care products on my clients who want to see how great they look with a new hair color or maybe even just some fun streaks. 

I make sure the hair-color products I use are always organic, PPD-free, ammonia-free and also environmentally-friendly.  Plus, before using any of these products, I try them at home on myself first, to make sure they are toxin-free and good for my own hair, before I use it on yours.  

To dye your hair or not to dye?

That depends on the hair-dye product used.  Thinking about coloring your hair?  Let me show you how to do it the best and safest way.  NO PPD for me and certainly not for you.  We all want our hair to look its best, but that doesn’t mean having to risk some nasty allergy that will end up making you feel your worst.  I take the guesswork out of deciding which dyeing method and products are best for you!


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Not if my incredible weekend spent at the PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY ASSOCIATION’S BEAUTY WEEK at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Resort is any indication! 
The event was elegantly hosted by  COSMOPROF NORTH AMERICA and oh, what a fun and educational affair it was.  I have to say, my weekend at Beauty Week was more than worth the visit to Las Vegas. 
I’ve been doing hair for three decades and, luckily for me, I don’t just “do hair.”  It’s an art form for me, and I feel like an artist when I’m doing hair. 
Nothing makes mehappier than making my clients look and FEEL beautiful after a visit with me at the salon! 
My years of salon experience has taught me so much but, I’ll never learn so much that there’s not room to learn even more.  That’s why attending BEAUTY WEEK was so important for me.  
I should give you a little background about the Professional Beauty Association (PBA)
First, a big thumbs way-up for STEVE SLEEPER, the PBA’s Executive Director, a man who takes his job as seriously as I take my own. 
The PBA is a non-profit whose mission is to elevate, unite and serve the beauty industry, along with the hardworking professionals who are so dedicated to improving the lives of their clients by making them look and feel their best. 
One of the ways the PBA does that is  to keep us in the beauty industry up-to-date on the latest products and techniques, helping us improve our craft.  (You can see why it was so important for me to attend.)  


Cosmoprof North America hosted Beauty Week,

and it is the largest and most awarded beauty event in the Americas.  Attending this year’s event gave me the opportunity to learn so much, keeping me on top of my art, so I can keep making my clients looking and feeling like works of art. 
Not surprisingly, the group is growing by leaps-and-bounds every year. 
That growth is thanks to their being the premier launching pad for discovering new product innovations and getting those products to those of us in the beauty industry which, in turn, gets the latest products and techniques working for you.  


Beauty Week

was truly an international event. 
For me, it meant having the opportunity to meet vendors from all over the world, talk with them about their products and receiving the best advice possible on how to apply their products and services to my work. 
The Week of Beauty gave me the opportunity to make new relationships with a long list of professionals in the industry.  Now, let me tell you why this is so important for me.
I’ve worked in a number of Los Angeles-area hair salons for years, but it’s time for a new beginning. 
My ultimate dream, in progress, right now, is to strike out on my own and to have my name over the door of what will be one of Los Angeles’ finest hair care and beauty salons.  I’m ready for my closeup and…ready to get youready for yours. 
Attending Beauty Week was an important part of making that dream come true for me.  Stay tuned!

And, oh yeah. 

My trip to Los Vegas wasn’t all just about work.  There was plenty of time for fun!  One of the highlights of the weekend was the PBA’s NATIONAL HAIR STYLING AWARDS. 
I was lucky enough to have professional photographer access (photography is a hobby of mine) so I was so excited not only watching the beauties on the red carpet.
The unclose views of some of the most outstanding hairstyles, were fun to look at while I was busy snapping away with my camera.  (I felt like a regular Hollywood paparazzi!)
Hey, who says beauty is only skin deep?  I’ve met and worked with so many clients over the years.  And, I’m delighted to say, many of them were already beautiful on the inside. 
My mission is to make it so their own inside beauty is reflected in their physical, outside beauty.  And, I have to add, I do it well!  
Are you feeling and looking beautiful today?
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Best Hair Colorist Los Angeles, CA

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MJ Hair Design’s Foxy Roxy Red

Sussing out your next hair color is no easy feat. There’s a few factors that go into determining which shades will be the most flattering for your complexion. Along with your skin tone, it’s also equally important to know your complexion’s undertone. This will help narrow down which specific hair color shades will work best with your skin tone.

Sounds confusing, right? It doesn’t have to be. Thanks to our comprehensive hair color guide, choosing your next shade has never been easier. We’ve broken down the best shades for every complexion with celebrity references.

Keep scrolling to find out the most flattering hair color for your skin tone.

Hair colorist and stylist Michael Joseph of MJ Hair Designs showing color.


Determine Your Skin’s Undertone: Deep

• People with deep skin undertones like Kerry Washington will usually have dark brown eyes.
• Your skin looks healthiest in brightly hued clothing, like royal purple or green.
• The darker your skin tone is, the easier you can pull off more intense colors on your lips like plums and deep burgundies.
• The veins on your wrist have a purple tint.
• You can pull off both silver and gold jewelry.

Determine Your Skin’s Undertone: Cool

• People with cool skin tones like Amy Adams often have eyes that are blue, gray, greenish-blue with gray flecks, or a deep brown that borders on black.
• Pink or blue-based red lipsticks are more flattering than corals, terracotta reds, and chocolate browns.
• The veins on your wrist have a blue tint.
• Silver jewelry looks best on you.

Determine Your Skin’s Undertone: Warm

• Warm skin tones like Jennifer Lopez‘s are usually accompanied by green, hazel, amber, or warm brown eyes.
• Coral, terracotta red, and chocolate brown lipsticks are more flattering than pinks or blue-based reds.
• The veins on your wrist have a greenish tint.
• Gold jewelry looks best on you.

Find Your Shade: Fair Skin

“The lighter your skin tone, the paler you can go with your hair,” says celebrity colorist Rita Hazan, who works with Beyoncé and Jessica Simpson. Fair complexions with warm undertones like Elizabeth Olsen’s look best against hues of butterscotch, strawberry blonde, and honey. These shades play up the peachiness of your skin and cast a soft glow on your face. If you have a cool undertone like Julianne Hough, look for blue-based colors like platinum, flaxen, and champagne blonde to flatter your ivory complexion.

Maintain Your Shade: Fair Skin

Most blonde tones start to fade two weeks after they’ve been applied, says celebrity colorist Marie Robinson, who works with Scarlett Johansson. To keep your hue as vibrant as possible, use a shampoo that’s formulated with purple pigment like Sachajuan’s Silver Shampoo to counteract any brassy tones.

Find Your Shade: Medium Skin

Not only can this versatile complexion carry a wide spectrum of shades, but it also provides a beautiful backdrop for high-contrast highlights. People with cool undertones like Cameron Diaz should stick to ashy tones like sand, wheat blonde, or walnut brown to counteract any hint of redness in your complexion. Tawny blonde, golden caramel, or copper pick up the buttery tones and prevent sallowness in warm undertones like Mandy Moore’s.

Maintain Your Shade: Medium Skin

The lighter you go, the more prone your hair is to brassiness, says New York City colorist Sharon Dorram. Lather up with Aveda’s Color Conserve Shampoo. The plant-based formula cleanses hair while keeping your tone intact. Also invest in a shower-head filter to remove mineral buildup, which can alter your color.

Find Your Shade: Olive Skin

This skin tone can stand up to the intensity of a deep, rich brown, or an earthy color. “Add some strategically placed highlights in a subtle gold or honey if you want to create depth,” suggests Robinson. To balance greenish tints in complexions with cool undertones like Alexa Chung’s, try toasty hues like chestnut brown, auburn, and cinnamon. Ebony brown, mocha, and violet-based colors will enhance the natural warm undertones of complexions like Shay Mitchell’s.

Maintain Your Shade: Olive Skin

Any amount of styling damage can make brown hair look dry and drab, so seal in plenty of moisture with a weekly color-preserving, strand-repairing mask like Bumble and bumble’s While You Sleep Overnight Damage Repair Masque. It nourishes and mends damage from coloring and heat-styling.

Find Your Shade: Dark Skin

The whole idea here is to create contrast between your hair and your complexion-whether that means going lighter or darker, explains Dorram. “If your hair color is too close to your skin tone, your features will disappear.” Deep, dark tones of espresso and inky black look striking next to blue-based complexions like Lupita Nyong’o’s. If you have a warm undertone like Beyoncé’s, opt for maple brown, mahogany, toffee, and other rich, warm colors to bring out the apricot tones in your skin.

Maintain Your Shade: Dark Skin

Darker strands look best when they reflect light, says Los Angeles hairstylist Kimberly Kimble. Stick with products that are free of sulfates, detergents can strip hair of its natural oil. Kimble recommends a treatment like L’Oreal Paris’s EverCreme Sulfate Free Nourishing Butter.

Hair Colorist

Keratin Treatments


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MJ Hair Designs Blonde on Blonde

Blonde on Blonde, Master Hair Colorist MJ Hair Designs Blonde on Blonde (818) 783-0084

Master Hair Colorist Michael Joseph of MJ Hair Designs says when you go to the salon to make the big change, make sure MJ Hair Designs color specialists know everything about your hair history. And when we say everything, we really mean everything.

Master Hair Colorist Michael Joseph says when people dye their hair darker, they don’t realize that months and months later the color is actually still in their hair. So say in September, someone went brown and in May she wants to go blonde. MJ Hair Designs says, since you were darker in the fall, we’re going to be battling tons of orange and red tones from the [original] hair dye, If you’ve already dyed your hair before I’ve seen you, please make sure to let me know. It makes a big difference in the products I use to get you to your new look.

Being a blonde on blonde sometimes means the base color is one shade and there will be another shade running through the rest. This will create a more natural effect and sometimes helps cover your gray hair. If you’re not going for pure platinum or a blonde on blonde, you actually want to make sure your roots are darker than your ends so the color looks and grows out nicely. The ends should [always] be a little lighter than the roots otherwise the color can look artificial.

If you’re daring enough to tackle the challenge of dyeing your hair blonde at home, choose the box color you want to go with very carefully – because what you see isn’t always what you get! “If you wanted a buttery blonde, sometimes you might have to buy the ashiest box in the store, which is the opposite of buttery! The reason…? In order to negate the natural orange tones you may already have in your hair [as a brunette] and don’t even realize are in your hair, you need to do this. That’s why stylists in the salon consider everything, like how much gray you have, how dark your hair is and if it’s ever been color treated before.

After you make a color change, give your hair a break! Bleach plus heat with and a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron can cause breakage. People more often go over the front sections with a dryer or iron and thats where I see most of the breakage.

It may look scary to slather a purple product over your strands, but it works, MJ Hair Designs says. This helps neutralize yellow-orange brassy tones [which can occur from washing your hair, environmental stressors and naturally if you started as a brunette with reddish undertones], I recommend using a purple shampoo once a week to combat that undesirable look. But is there ever any chance of hair turning purple from it? It’s possible, but very rare. People also underestimate how summertime activities, like swimming in the pool and ocean, can dry out your hair, I always recommend my clients use a deep conditioner or mask in place of their usual conditioner.

Master Hair Colorist Michael Joseph of MJ Hair Designs hates to break the news, but spritzing lemon juice or Sun-In in your hair won’t create the beachy highlights of your dreams, but cause unnecessary dry hair.  Brunettes should stay far away from the juice.

Do blondes really have more fun? We can neither confirm nor deny, but these fabulous hair color ideas for 2018 have us itching to try something new. If rainy, cold wintery weather has given your beauty routine a major case of cabin fever, we’ve got your ticket to somewhere sunny. First stop: the salon. Mine! At MJ Hair Designs whether channeling a platinum shade à la Monroe or our most recent color crush, ash blonde, we’re finding color inspiration to update our ‘do on all ends of the blonde spectrum. Get inspired before your next hair appointment with blonde hair colors to highlight complexions of all ranges—and to leave you feeling fresh and fabulous. Pinterest beauty board ready? Let’s go girls.

Master Hair Colorist Michael of MJ Hair Designs – Honey Blonde on Blonde Hair Color

Best Hair Colorist Hair Colors MJ Hair Designs (818) 783-0084 Los Angeles Sherman Oaks Studio City Tarzana Encino

For the gal not wanting to fully commit to either end of the blonde spectrum, we love the soft, subtle contrast of this hair color. Wait for the light to catch it just right to reveal golden highlights in all the right places.

Master Hair Colorist Michael of MJ Hair Designs – Ash Blonde on Blonde Hair Color

Best Hair Colorist Salon MJ Hair Designs - Sherman Oaks Salon (818) 783-0084

​​​​​​Hello, modern color crush! We’re loving the cool-girl color of the moment for its grey undertones that are matched by a youthful bright blonde.

Master Hair Colorist Michael of MJ Hair Designs Strawberry Blonde on Blonde Hair Color

Best Hair Colorist MJ Hair Designs (818) 783-0084

“Strawberry wine…seventeen…” This oh-so-sweet hair color takes us back to better days by crossing the bridge between blonde and auburn in the loveliest of ways.

Demonstration on Blonde Hair

Hair Color


Hair Color Hair Colorist - MJ Hair Designs Best Blondes MJ Hair Designs Best Blondes Hair Colorist Hair Colors MJ Hair Designs (818) 783-0084 Los Angeles Sherman Oaks Studio City Tarzana Encino

Best Blondes MJ Hair Designs

When coloring gray hair, some of my blonde formulas fit best considering the subject. Coloring gray hair has always been the most fun since it’s always the most challenging. But what I do know is once you get the hang of it after as many years as I’ve done it, you can achieve some of the most beautiful results. Whether you’re a blonde or a brunette, gray hair is always fun for me to color.

Blonde on Blonde, Master Hair Colorist MJ Hair Designs Blonde on Blonde (818) 783-0084

Best Reds by MJ Hair Designs

Formula: Framesi

Some of my Red Hair formulas, I weave panels of blonde to add some spice to the base. The secondary color helps brighten the total look or just add a kick.

Panel 1: Framcolor Futura 2/3 6D 1/3 6RS
Panel 2: Framcolor Futura SSC and Dust Free Decolorizer

Hair Colorist MJ Hair Designs and Ammonia-Free CØR.color

Framcolor 2001 offers an endless choice of tonality and coverage. Naturally reflective, warm finish or a cool, more dense coverage. For the first time ever in permanent haircolor, one line does it ALL.

Framcolor 2001 shades offer the salon a complete and elegant palette on which the color artist can blend the perfect color for each individual client.

Framcolor Futura offers a palette of 46 intermixable shades using true cream base colors to give you the perfect consistency.

Precise color placement allows the most even color results with extraordinary gray coverage. With a low ammonia content and superior high quality dye molecules, ensuring superior shine and minimal fadage, I create the most beautiful and the most natural looking haircolor possible.

Best Golden Blondes by MJ Hair Designs

Hair Color Hair Colorist - MJ Hair Designs Best Blondes MJ Hair Designs Best Blondes Hair Colorist Hair Colors MJ Hair Designs (818) 783-0084 Los Angeles Sherman Oaks Studio City Tarzana Encino

Best Browns by MJ Hair Designs

gray hair

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tAre you looking for a new look, SAFE organic hair color, or just a touch-up? Are you lookiong for the latest in a gasless keratin treatment that is state of the art? For a walk down the aisle or a red carpet, Michael Joseph is the hair stylist and colorist that you want. Creating  some of the latest and greatest looks that his peers use  in today’s modern-day salon,  Michael’s French Balayage – Pie Shaped Panel Highlights and his Blonde-on-Blonde win him  favor with the greatest fashion designers today.

Hair Color Specialist and Stylist Michael Joseph Haddad at MJ Hair Designs Salon 14252 Ventura Boulevard Sherman Oaks CA (818) 783-0084Michael Joseph began his career working with Aveda founders Horst Rechelbacker and Gerald Kriegisch, establishing himself as formidable force in the hair coloring and styling world.

MJ Hair Designs
14252 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks
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Now specializing in the Keratin and the Brazilian Blowouts, Michael is using the breakthrough hair product Uberliss. Uberliss is a glyoxylic base used and proven to “add hair to your hair.”  Uberliss is safe and will not expose you or your hair to the toxicity of formaldehyde that other straighteners use for their accelerators.  Using Uberliss as his go-to formula, Michael has now coined this new technique as his very own “Keratin Press.”

Presently, Michael is a stylist with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, modeling agencies Elite and LA Models and the Academy Awards.