coloring long hair


Recently I got a call from a young actress looking to color her hair.  I love this kind of work since it's what I do best.  As a hair color specialist, I take my job very seriously! When your hair color could mean the difference between landing or losing the role, it becomes an even more challenging experience and super fun for me.  When coloring long hair, one must be very careful not to do too much. Virginia is a versatile young actress whose work includes a lead in the film Wicked Mom's Club (Lifetime) and a supporting role in the sports movie Last Champion (In-House Media Film Partners). She also recently played various TV roles in the series Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (CBS), Miss 2059 (New Form Digital), General Hospital (ABC), and Code Black (CBS). Virginia came...

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Cruelty Free Hair Dye


PETA Certified Salon Products PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a nonprofit organization that fights for animal rights. In fact, with over 3 million members and supporters, they are the largest animal rights organization in the world. The animal activist group is a widely accepted source in the vegan and cruelty free community, and I'm happy to reassure our customers through this certification that we are a cruelty free hair coloring salon. Oway, or Organic Way, is a professional organic salon brand with a complete lineup of biodynamic, fair trade, eco-friendly and cruelty-free hair products. They’re the world’s first organic hair coloring system. The products begin with their family-owned biodynamic farmland, nestled away amongst the rolling green hills of Bologna, Italy. Insiders call these farms OrtOfficina. This is where Oway grows, picks, and distills over 12...

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Hair Coloring and Keratin Treatment Strawberry Blonde


Diane is suited best as a strawberry blonde with some featherlike balayage highlights. She has very frizzy coarse hair, and quite a bit of gray. I began by giving Diane an Uberliss formaldehyde free keratin treatment to pull the frizz and smooth out her hair. After Diane's keratin treatment, I used a level seven gold copper by OWAY for her base. OWAY is an ammonia free, resorcinol free, PPD free organic color system. Diane has flawless Irish skin and copper base on her skin is perfect to brighten her up with a strawberry blonde glow. After changing Diane's base, I threw in some blonde highlights making sure to graduate them heaver closer to her face for that natural effect. This helps break up the color and make her new strawberry blonde haircoloring look like her own. Hair Coloring Keratin Treatments Services Blog    

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hair coloring sherman oaks, los angeles, and Pulp Riot Velvet at MJ Hair Designs Salon Sherman Oaks


Pulp Riot. The dare to be yourself hair coloring.  Have you ever wanted to try something avant garde? I got a call from a young lady who knew exactly what she was looking for. She wanted to try some hair coloring that would set her apart from all others. Velvet by Pulp Riot. This young lady was very special, sweet, self assured and as daringly positive. That's all I needed to know to get to work. First I sectioned her hair in two sections. The bottom half and the top half. Based on how she was going to wear her hair, I made sure when she wore it up, she would still see some of the purple highlights she was ready to show off. And when she wanted to wear it down, it would be all a glow....

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bleached hair keratin treatments


Hair that is bleached loses a substantial amount of keratin. As a result, a great fix is a keratin treatment.  Keratin treatments bring back the life and condition by injecting keratin back into the hair where there's a loss. Keratin treatments and bleach work very well together. Recently Maureen came in requesting a keratin treatment since her hair was stripped, dry and damaged from over-processing. I was impressed with the idea that Maureen knew that a keratin treatment would help her bleached damaged hair. In my experience, the benefits of a keratin treatment for colored hair exceed the expectations of the client almost every time. It brings back the sheen, luster, and the elasticity it loses when the bleach pulls the elastin or breaks the bonds. Keratin treatments and bleached hair are synergistically the best combination because they both...

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one process hair coloring, old hollywood hairstyles


Recently I got a call from a long time client and now friend requesting for her hair to be colored and  styled.  She was attending a work holiday party with an old Hollywood theme. One process in hair coloring was very high fashion in old Hollywood. Marylyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Jeanne Carmen, Grace Kelly and many more. All were one process color girls. One process color in hair coloring is the best way to cover gray and change your over all color and look.   Although my client Paula doesn't have gray hair, the dark blonde shade she naturally has could use a little zing. Paula's natural hair color is about a level 7. To breathe some life into her hair, I decided to go a little warmer than her natural color. This well help  brighten up her skin and...

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hair coloring sherman oaks, los angeles, crolayage


Recently I came up with a new technique in hair coloring I call  CROLAYAGE. Crolayage - Crocheting hight-lights into the hair to achieve the balayage and ombre effect by using one color at the root, one in the middle and one on the ends. With Samantha, I colored her hair first with a gold concentrate to fill in the missing pigment from the previous color job. At that point I use the final color to achieve the base. After the right base was achieved, I then used my new CROLAYAGE technique to face frame her hair crocheting  some blonde lights into middle to lower parts of her hair for an ombre effect. Samantha and I were very pleased with the final product. She was now ready for her boss and  big power meet. Hair coloring crolayage is my new friend.  MJ...

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Hair coloring Sherman Oaks


Highlighting dark hair can be  tricky in the hair coloring world. But if it's done right, it can be a really cool effect. With Elaine,  she came in with severely damaged hair after being colored time and again to try and get it right. No luck with her last colorist. Sometimes when your dealing with dark fine hair, you don't want to highlight to much of the hair. Hair coloring and highlighting dark hair should be done very conservatively. I took Elaine to a level 6 double ask and then add a few panels of highlights in the front of her hair without doing to much. Elaine may need a few more visits to get all her hair to the right place. Cautioning on more damage, Elaine will come in a few more times till we get it perfect. Highlighting...

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hair coloring sherman oaks, los angeles, Hair Coloring Base and Highlights


At times when highlighting hair at the salon, I like to highlight parts of the hair  on a person's head. The reason why is I might want my client to look as though she's been overexposed with overhead sunlight which is the most way hair get's highlighted by nature. On Michel I covered her base with a level seven ash. Most blondes have an ash base to begin with by birth. Michel came into the salon and with mostly gray hair. Coloring her hair with an ash base will help help her color graduate from the deeper base to the natural shades of a lighter blonde.  With fewer golden tones and more shades of winter wheat we can ad some sterling  light highlights.   With a base of 7.0, Michel at the hair salon will notice...

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keratin treatment and color correction


Recently I got a call from a young lady in a panic that a hair colorist had botched up her color. I asked her to come in and let me look at it. Well, she was right. She must have had about 5 different colors running through her hair. I recommended a change in color with the plan to end with a  keratin treatment. The first plan of action was to get her back to a base color we could start from and not to do more until we see how her hair washed out in the coming weeks. That entailed not using more permanent color, but a superficial color system that would not subject her to any more of the same chemicals that fryed her hair to begin with. I used Redken Shades EQ,  a demipermanent...

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