Deep Copper Red Hair Color

As a colorist of many years now,  I have used just about every hair coloring line one can imagine. For my cool tones, I use OWAY, for my blonde tones I use Redken Shades EQ, but for my reds, I will most certainly always use Goldwell.

Goldwell reds are by far the closest to nature or avant garde when you need them to be.

Reds can be a complicated group of colors and require complete accuracy when using. Goldwell has their reds down so well, everything else pales when trying to achieve that one red that’s hard to nail.

Most natural reds are very hard to duplicate since the tones are quite sophisticated. But Goldwell reds are in a group of their own. They have many to chose from, and the art of mixing can truly be a joy for a seasoned colorist and has most hair colorists running to them when they need a good one.

I have been coloring hair for over 20 years and subscribe to many applications of Goldwell reds. I mink with them, I color with them, I shadow with them and I cover gray with them.

Here’s a red that is a combination of a few colors by Goldwell.

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