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  • Fram Color Futura, Italian hair coloring system by Framesi –                    $90.00
  • O&M organic color system. PPD, resorcinol and ammonia free –               $100
  • Shades EQ (equalizing conditioning color by Redken, ammonia free –     $90


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Recently I got a call from a young actress looking to color her hair.  I love this kind of work since it’s what I do best.  As a hair color specialist, I take my job very seriously! When your hair color could mean the difference between landing or losing the role, it becomes an even more challenging experience and super fun for me.  When coloring long hair, one must be very careful not to do too much.

Virginia is a versatile young actress whose work includes a lead in the film Wicked Mom’s Club (Lifetime) and a supporting role in the sports movie Last Champion (In-House Media Film Partners). She also recently played various TV roles in the series Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (CBS), Miss 2059 (New Form Digital), General Hospital (ABC), and Code Black (CBS).

Virginia came in asking for something different but wasn’t completely sure of what to do. She was ready for some good hair coloring advice. She and her team were ready to take her career to a new place. Not being sure where to go, Virginia was ready to get some good long hair coloring advice, …  that’s where I stepped in.  Stepping up her career meant bringing some life back to her hair. Making sure not be too obvious with her color and pigeonholing her was the difference between detracting from her face and limiting her options for future roles as an actress. It’s a balancing act. I knew the work I had to do could be the difference between landing her the role and not.

When coloring long hair, I always advise not to do too much that you become a slave to your roots and a victim to the reason why you may not be getting the role.

I used a technique I developed called, “the crolayage“.

Coloring long hair requires precise control, foresight, and a lot of experience.

With Virginia, I first crocheted some highlights into her hair in a face frame manner. I used three different shades on her long strands. A shadow color close to her roots, the real color on the mid shaft, and a more gentle color on her ends.This is to make sure it looks seamless from the roots, colorful on the shaft, and blend and preserve the integrity of the hair at the ends. (The ends on long hair are always more vulnerable to color since they’ve been with you for a longer time… they require special care).

Coloring long hair truly requires a lot of experience. Not something to be taken lightly. It could be with you for a long time,  and fixing it could take forever.



PETA Certified Salon Products

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a nonprofit organization that fights for animal rights. In fact, with over 3 million members and supporters, they are the largest animal rights organization in the world. The animal activist group is a widely accepted source in the vegan and cruelty free community, and I’m happy to reassure our customers through this certification that we are a cruelty free hair coloring salon.

Oway, or Organic Way, is a professional organic salon brand with a complete lineup of biodynamic, fair trade, eco-friendly and cruelty-free hair products. They’re the world’s first organic hair coloring system. The products begin with their family-owned biodynamic farmland, nestled away amongst the rolling green hills of Bologna, Italy.

Insiders call these farms OrtOfficina.

This is where Oway grows, picks, and distills over 12 medicinal plants without the uses of chemicals, machinery or animal cruelty. After the purest organic ingredients are hand picked, Oway’s Green Chemistry Team selects the highest quality formulations to achieve professional salon products without common toxins.

But there’s more to know about biodynamic ingredients and animal wellness.

Biodynamic farming is what puts Oway above the rest. This method focuses not only on potent and pure organic ingredients, but also on unity and ethical growing standards for plants and animals.

Oway does not rely on Earth’s resources, but rather contributes to them. They create harmony and respect between land, animals, and people. Free range donkeys roam OrtOfficina during the warm months, where they graze on farmland that hasn’t seen a drop of chemicals in over 100 years.




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If you’re one of those people who likes your curl, but just wants your hair slightly relaxed, you can still have a keratin treatment. Relaxing curly hair is as simple as the technique used to do it.

Valerie came to me and asked me to relax her curl. Of course when you’re doing a keratin treatment the hair will look poker straight at first. But once Valerie washes it, it will be just perfect.

Relaxing curly hair requires less heat than someone who once it perfectly smooth and straight.

I start by using the Fiber Expander by Uberliss. Uberliss is a formaldehyde free keratin treatment that prides it’s self and being safe and effective. I can tell you from using it, it is.

I personally stayed away from all keratin treatments and brazillian blowouts because of the formaldehyde gasses the companies claimed NOT to emit. Well, doing the research and working Uberliss and learning from the amazing Dr. Ali Syed at the International Salon and Spa Expositions, I found that the claims were never corroborated. Suspensions were the gasses in other products were an emetion of over 20% sometimes. Uberliss is not a methylene glycol base, but a glyoxilic acid for a driving force. Glyoxilic acids are so safe, they are used for skin care.

RELAXING CURLY HAIR and keratin treatments are a godsend for ladies who enjoy their curly hair and want to relax and put some moisture back into their hair.

Can’t wait to hear about Valerie’s hair after the first times she washes it.

Valerie’s will wait 72 hours after her treatment before she can wash and reveal the true benefits of an Uberliss keratin treatment.

Enjoy your newly smooth and relaxed silky hair Valerie! Can’t wait to hear about it.

Relaxing Curly hair can also be achieved my new and improved technique the “Dry Keratin Treatment”.












A lot of my clients ask “what’s the best way to style my curly hair?”

First rule of thumb always, never over dry your curly hair. If you’re using a diffuser or a blow dryer, try and retain at least 10% of the water in your hair by the time you’re finished.

Curly hair thrives on moisture. Once it looses it’s moisture, it goes frizzy and looses it’s curl.

The reason us stylists use elixirs, gels and oil is to help seal in the moisture firm so that the hair doesn’t lose it’s shape and go frizzy.

I start by combing the hair while it’s wet.  (Word of caution) – Do not brush your wet hair, it’ll break. I then will add either a styling lotion, or a gel. This insures that that your curly hair has sealed in the water. Once that’s done, I comb the hair again while it’s wet to finely distribute the product through the hair for even distribution.

Once you have the product distributed evenly in the hair, you can then run your fingers through it, scrunch it and dry it.

If you’re looking for bigger hair, once the hair is dry, at that point you can use a fine mist of hair spray and add your final touches

Hair Coloring

Keratin Treatment and Curly Hair

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A Modern Bob is always beautiful. Have you ever wondered why some Bobs look so hard on some ladies? My feeling is a classic Sassoon Bob is a hard look to wear unless you’re under 30 and/or have features and a face so beautiful, exposure means nothing. It’s a totally exposed look. But a Modern Bob might be a little different.

The facialist at the salon asked me if I would cut her hair. How could I resist such a beautiful lady, let alone beautiful hair.

Maria is latin beauty. I felt a Modern Bob would help accentuate that.

A pie shaped part would help balance out her overly thick and abundant hair so she doesn’t look lopsided. This is also part of the sex appeal in the haircut.

Making sure to pull out some of the weight in this Modern Bob is essential to help keeping her hair moving. Moving hair is young hair. Texturizing is in complete order when one has thick straight hair. I’m always amazed to see other haircuts come into the salon with curly hair that’s been texturized. What’s the point? Curly hair is texture.

This Modern Bob will help Maria feel fresh and young. Maria is great at what she does at the salon. As an expert Esthetician, Maria needed a little boost in her look. She is now the sexy latin beauty I always thought she was underneath.

Thank you Maria for letting me make you over with a Modern Day Bob!


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Keratin Treatments





Diane is suited best as a strawberry blonde with some featherlike balayage highlights. She has very frizzy coarse hair, and quite a bit of gray.

I began by giving Diane an Uberliss formaldehyde free keratin treatment to pull the frizz and smooth out her hair.

After Diane’s keratin treatment, I used a level seven gold copper by OWAY for her base. OWAY is an ammonia free, resorcinol free, PPD free organic color system.

Diane has flawless Irish skin and copper base on her skin is perfect to brighten her up with a strawberry blonde glow.

After changing Diane’s base, I threw in some blonde highlights making sure to graduate them heaver closer to her face for that natural effect. This helps break up the color and make her new strawberry blonde haircoloring look like her own.

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Keratin Treatments



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This years International Salon and Spa Expo ISSE 2020 was truly exciting!  A three day event that was filled with education, fashion, new trends, and hairstylists from all over the world.

The International Salon and Spa Expo is the one destination happening in Long Beach with an interactive experience in professional beauty. Over 30,000 licensed professionals, salon owners, students and educators, ISSE is the place to showcase the latest and newest innovations, trends, and techniques.

ISSE, The International Salon and Spa Expo offers unparalleled opportunities to promote your brand and products through targeted, customized exhibitor and sponsorship offerings.

After a long invigorating weekend of lots of new information to take home, I’m very excited to get back to the salon and put to practice all that I have learned from my colleagues and friends at ISSE.
Get ready for an amazing year of hair, fashion and color in 2020!
Thank you ISSE 2020!! The International Salon and Spa Exp.