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The keratin treatment revolution has finally taken hold.

If you don’t know the benefits of a keratin treatment, you might be missing out.

Whether your hair is colored, highlighted or just plain ole dry, a keratin treatment will help strength and moisturize your hair. The keratin treatment will add a protective layer of protein on your hair and shield you from the elements.

Dayvani came in and has never had color or any other treatment before. Dayvani’s words were, “I never thought my hair could ever look like this!” Dayvani will be returning in a few days to have me throw some lights in her hair.

The next step will be to balayage and brochette some lights behind her hair line so that they will look seamless, modern and sparkle!

Stay tuned!

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Keratin Treatment Before and After

Louise came in with dry brittle over processes hair. This is her keratin treatment before and after.

Louise was very unsure about whether or not her hair would ever recover. Her hair had been bleach highlighted, colored over and permed by her last hair stylist.

As you can see, Louise’s keratin treatment has left her hair gleaming.

Her concerns about whether her hair might become more damaged by the treatment were the same concerns many others have. As one can see by her before and after,  her hair was restored to the silky smooth asian hair she had before. Needless to say Louise was so pleased with her before and after, she’s prebooked her next appointment.

I recommended a sulfate free shampoo for Louise to maximize the life of her keratin treatment.  Another subject I’ll talk about in the near future.

Below is a direct link to a few other keratin treatment before afters.

Keratin Before and Afters

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What’s first, keratin or color?

Some might say the keratin locks in the color, so the color should come first.

I always individualize the treatments based on the persons personal needs and hair. Most times, the order doesn’t really matter.  I usually like my clients to have their color done about two weeks after their keratin treatment. The reason,  because often the keratin treatment might lighten the hair color a few shades. Sometimes, If the client wants to lock in the color, the keratin treatment will do just that.

So what’s first, the keratin or the color?

I will also try and get my clients to wait at least a week before getting the color done after the keratin treatment. The keratin will sometime serve as a barrier to the color. If you’re trying to cover your gray, It might be more difficult. It always helps when the keratin has washed off the hair a few weeks for better coverage.

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Keratin and Formaldehyde



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The health and beauty of your hair not only depends on the hairstylist you choose, but the products your hairstylist chooses. Choose Wisely!

The health and beauty of your hair when it comes to the keratin treatment you choose, is just as important.

Uberliss, the keratin treatment I subscribe to, is a formaldehyde free product. Attached to this post is a picture of how Roxana went from dry unmanageable hair, to silky smooth hair in just two hours.

The health and beauty of your hair related. As a hairstylist of many years,  I have used just about every product under the sun. I can honestly say, there’s a big difference between some color systems and keratin treatments.

The color system I use is called CØR, by Simply Organics. It’s PPD free and Ammonia Free. The health and beauty of your hair not only depends on the hairstylist you choose, but the products your hairstylist chooses. Choose Wisely.

This CØR color system by Simply Organics is one of the best I’ve ever used.

Health and Beauty when it come to your hair, is always related to what you’re subjecting yourself to. When it comes to your heath make sure you’re not poisoning yourself or your hair with toxic ingredients.  Remember to ask what your hairstylist is using.

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Looking for a keratin treatment in Sherman Oaks?

“I often get the question will a keratin treatment break my hair down?” The answer is a keratin treatment will build your hair up. “Basically, we found a way to hot press protein into your hair.  This not only serves as a barrier to the elements around you, but builds hair up on what you have by nature. So, if you have fine hair, you will have thicker hair when you leave the salon.”

If you’re looking for a keratin treatment in Sherman Oaks, look no more. MJ Hair Designs is using a formaldehyde free keratin treatment called “Uberliss”.  Not to be mistaken by the Brazilian Blowout which emits a formaldehyde gas.

Michael at MJ Hair Designs is not only a color specialist, but a keratin technician.

For a Beverly Hills hair stylist in Sherman Oaks go see Michael!


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Nano Keratin Treatments

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Had a wonderful visit with Liza. Liza came in asking for a keratin treatment. Liza had dry brittle frizzy hair.

Of course I was very happy to help Liza get her hair back in shape again. Keratin treatments are the most beneficial treatments for curly frizzy hair.

Liza’s keratin treatment left her with the softest, straightest smoothest hair you can get. The process took all of 2.5 hours. The keratin treatment of choice is Uberliss. Uberliss is a formaldehyde free keratin.

Thank you Uberliss for another successful treatment.

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The Uberliss keratin treatment is formaldehyde and methylene glycol free!

When doing any kind of chemical treatments at the salon, I use only the safest and best color and keratin treatments. Uberliss a formaldehyde and methylene glycol free product. One of the best keratin treatments available today.

One of the nastier ingredients you’ll find listed on the back of any consumer product is formaldehyde.  It’s a colorless, strong-smelling chemical.

Say no to formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives (FRP’s) are still used today in a number of cosmetic products to help prevent the growth of bacteria.  This will help preserve the shelf life of the product at your expense.

In the case with certain types of keratin treatments, it help’s smooth and lock the hair into place for months on end. But, at your own personal health cost.

As a known carcinogen, formaldehyde has been linked to several types of cancers, as well as numerous other health concerns, including allergic reactions, skin sensitization, eye problems, headaches, and problems with the immune system.

Needless to say, it’s best just to stay away and say no to any products with or producing formaldehyde gas. Go formaldehyde free today! Go Uberliss. 

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Keratin Before and Afters



Brazilian Blowout


I’m here to announce the keratin hair treatment miracle today.

The big mystery and question is whether or not your a good candidate for the treatment. The keratin treatment is for everybody!  Whether your hair is straight and just needs a little more luster sheen and shine, whether your hair is curly, frizzy, or needs to be smooth and straight, the keratin hair treatment is for everyone.

I choose Uberliss as my keratin go to treatment, NOT the formaldehyde producing gas agent The Brazilian Blowout. 

Unlike the Brazilian Blowout that uses methylene glycol (the active ingredient in the Brazilian Blowout) , I use Uberliss,  an organic glyoxilic acid.

Uberliss is the end all be all keratin hair treatment. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel  silky shinny beautifully hair.  Stop the frizz and start the smooth silky hair. It’s truly a miracle.

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Keratin Before and Afters

The Best Colorist Los Angeles

Frizzy to Silky Hair 


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Recently I received an unsolicited text from a salon client who was reporting to me how much she liked the keratin treatment she had just had.

Clients sometimes take for granted the emotional energy we hair stylists put into not only making sure their hair looks good, but always satisfied with the customer service they receive when they visit the salon.

Emily, a fairly new salon client was sweet enough to send me a text about how quickly and easily her has has been to take care of since her Uberliss keratin treatment.


I just want to say, it means a great deal that she took the time to not only drop me the message, but include pictures of what her hair was looking like so that I may keep track of my notes for the next time she comes in.

Thank you Emily!

And to all my salon clients, thank you for taking the time to let us know how we’re doing.

Always  making sure I have the best and safest products, research is one of my passions. Finding out about the ingredients in the products I use is key.  The quality of the products I use is and always will be my  top priority.

In the age of today’s ingredients, vetting the products should always be a must. Scrutinizing them should be number one. The degradation of ingredients in the products available are more harmful than ever.

It’s up to me to make sure salon clients always get the best and are not subjected to unnecessary toxicity.

We’re really interested in making  sure that you’re not only happy and coming back, but proud to refer your friends and family so that they too  become our new salon clients, friends and family.

Thank you!

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Below are a few of the before and after keratin treatments I’ve done.  The new Uberliss Revolution has taken hold. The Uberliss Smoothing Keratin Treatment has been a life changer for me and  a lot of people.

I’ve seen a lot of products come and go, but I’ve never seen something so revolutionary.

The thing is, there are a lot of Keratin Treatments out there, but few are toxic free like Uberliss. Never convinced of doing these treatments because of the gas it was emitting, I specifically had the receptionist let me know the days the other hairstylists were doing them and always made sure not to book my clients those days. I felt one day, we would find out that hair dressers would be getting sick of the formaldehyde gas it was emitting and low and behold I was right.

I was always interested in the science and ingredients of the chemical reactions in the beauty products we used. The geek I was,  I always read the ingredients and looked them up one by one.

Then one day I was at The International Salon and Spa Exposition and happened to come across a class given by an older gentleman from India. Chemist, Dr. Ali Syed.

As I sat through his lectures and watched his before and afters, I was mesmerized.  Knowing Dr. Syed’s formula did NOT use a formaldehyde or Methlyne Glycol fuel like the others, I became very curios. The Glyoxylic Acid he was using as the accelerator was not only benign, but at the lowest levels on the ph scale for a product like this I’ve ever seen.

Finally,  I was convinced to try this new technology since it was safe.

Since then, I’ve been sold on something that has not only revolutionized the hair industry in a healthy manner, but has changed the lives of so many of my clients that were living with frizzy, curly, dull looking hair.  Now we are all enjoying healthy, smooth, shiny lustrous hair.

Thank you Uberliss Keratin!

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Keratin Treatment

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