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If you’re one of those people who likes your curl, but just wants your hair slightly relaxed, you can still have a keratin treatment. Relaxing curly hair is as simple as the technique used to do it.

Valerie came to me and asked me to relax her curl. Of course when you’re doing a keratin treatment the hair will look poker straight at first. But once Valerie washes it, it will be just perfect.

Relaxing curly hair requires less heat than someone who once it perfectly smooth and straight.

I start by using the Fiber Expander by Uberliss. Uberliss is a formaldehyde free keratin treatment that prides it’s self and being safe and effective. I can tell you from using it, it is.

I personally stayed away from all keratin treatments and brazillian blowouts because of the formaldehyde gasses the companies claimed NOT to emit. Well, doing the research and working Uberliss and learning from the amazing Dr. Ali Syed at the International Salon and Spa Expositions, I found that the claims were never corroborated. Suspensions were the gasses in other products were an emetion of over 20% sometimes. Uberliss is not a methylene glycol base, but a glyoxilic acid for a driving force. Glyoxilic acids are so safe, they are used for skin care.

RELAXING CURLY HAIR and keratin treatments are a godsend for ladies who enjoy their curly hair and want to relax and put some moisture back into their hair.

Can’t wait to hear about Valerie’s hair after the first times she washes it.

Valerie’s will wait 72 hours after her treatment before she can wash and reveal the true benefits of an Uberliss keratin treatment.

Enjoy your newly smooth and relaxed silky hair Valerie! Can’t wait to hear about it.

Relaxing Curly hair can also be achieved my new and improved technique the “Dry Keratin Treatment”.












bleached hair keratin treatments

Hair that is bleached loses a substantial amount of keratin. As a result, a great fix is a keratin treatment.  Keratin treatments bring back the life and condition by injecting keratin back into the hair where there’s a loss. Keratin treatments and bleach work very well together.

Recently Maureen came in requesting a keratin treatment since her hair was stripped, dry and damaged from over-processing.

I was impressed with the idea that Maureen knew that a keratin treatment would help and not further hurt or damage her hair.

In my experience, the benefits of a keratin treatment for colored  hair exceed the expectations of the client almost every single time. It brings back the sheen, the luster, and the elasticity it had before the bleached hair.

Keratin treatments and bleached hair are synergistically the best combination because they both work together to bring back the condition at the nano level. 

The fact that colored or bleached hair is more porous is precisely the reason why a keratin treatment can help more effectively.

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keratin treatment and color correction

Recently I got a call from a young lady in a panic that a hair colorist had botched up her color. I asked her to come in and let me look at it. Well, she was right. She must have had about 5 different colors running through her hair. I recommended a change in color with the plan to end with a  keratin treatment.

The first plan of action was to get her back to a base color we could start from and not to do more until we see how her hair washed out in the coming weeks.

That entailed not using more permanent color, but a superficial color system that would not subject her to any more of the same chemicals that fryed her hair to begin with. I used Redken Shades EQ,  a demipermanent color system that would normalize all the awkward shades running through her hair and create a new beautiful base with few shades that confuse.

Of course to make sure her hair was in the best condition afterwards, I used the Uberliss formaldehyde free Keratin Treatment. The treatment reinforced  the new base color by locking the color in and smoothing the hair down to a silly finish.

A Smooth and Silky formaldehyde free keratin treatment is a real treat for those with dry brittle colored hair.

Once all was said and done, her color correction and keratin treatment was a true success. Take a look at the the new color with the keratin treatment finish of Uberliss.

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fine hair keratin treatments

Something I hear often is, are keratin treatments bad for my fine hair? The answer is no.

Keratin treatments help build fine hair and make it thicker.   The nano system is all about creating a micro mesh netting that helps trap and attach keratin to your hair. This new layer of hair, serves makes your hair feel smoother and thicker.

The diamine molecules, crosslink with the keratin and form hair that is soft, silky and smooth. Keratin will give you nothing but beautiful results you’ll wish you had done long ago.

The next time you go to the salon, make sure to ask for a keratin treatment. You won’t regret it. Keratin does not break the hair down, but builds it up. A great way to leave your hair thicker, smoother and silkier.

Keratin treatments with time, wash out. A keratin treatment will last sometimes up to 4 months at a time. You’ll know when it’s time to have one done again. Your hair will revert back to the way it was before you had the keratin treatment. There’s no rule on how often you can have them.

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Sulfate Free Shampoo

Sulfate free shampoos and shampoos with sulfates both serve a purpose. They’re both just as good as each other.  Below I’ll explain why.


Most days at the hair salon, I hear why are sulfate free shampoos better for you? Sulfate free shampoos are known for being mild, yet they may not perform as well as their sulfate counterparts. Typically, sulfate-free shampoos do not lather as well as shampoos with sulfates. Sulfate-free shampoos may leave a build-up in the hair and on the scalp. The good thing is, if your hair is color treated, sulfate-free shampoos can help preserve the color.

The sulfates in shampoos have a tendency to pull color from color treated hair. Hair coloring is usually much more vulnerable to being stripped than normal hair.  Especially hair that’s color treated with semi or demi-color treated hair.

Also, another important factor before choosing a shampoo at the hair salon is where the SLS Sodium Laurel Sulfate falls in the list of ingredients. Some shampoos have just the right amount of SLS to help clean the hair well enough and still keep it conditioned.

An example when to use, sulfate-free shampoos is when you just had a keratin treatment at the hair salon. Keratin treatments are risk while using an SLS shampoo. The sulfates in shampoo can easily strip the keratin you just had pressed into your new beautiful smooth and straight hair. I always recommend a sulfate-free shampoo for hair that’s keratin treated.


Shampoo with sulfates are great for people who have oily hair. If your hair has a tendency to get a little on the oily side, the SLS surfactants in shampoo are effective in cleaning and removing it. Thick hair may need the sulfates to help lather up enough to attach itself to the dirt and oil to when a milder shampoo won’t cut it.

Sulfates can sometimes help hair that’s thinning and can help remove the free radicals or the DHT build-up on the scalp that’s suffocating the follicle.  A clean scalp can help reduce the inflamed follicle these byproducts might produce. The follicle will breathe better and grow thicker and nicer hair.

Whenever I see someone with fine oily hair at the hair salon, I always use a SLS.

I myself like my hair stripped of the oil so that my fine strands look a little thicker. final result looks like you have more.

So the next time someone suggests a sulfate-free shampoo, take into consider what you heard at the hair salon here at MJ Hair Designs. Sulfate and sulfate-free shampoos have their plusses and minuses depending on your hair and it’s personal needs.

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One of the questions I get a lot of  is, bangs or no bangs. Whether or not someone decides on bangs can depend on how much time they have, but more importantly, it’s going to be work.

I myself usually warn against getting bangs. It’s a choice they’ll most likely regret in the long run. I guess I’m one of those people who’s not a big fan.

When I’m creating a look, I’m usually seeing a continuous line or silhouette on a person. Bangs are usually a disruption to that. When considering the look, I’m usually looking at features, the shape of the face and hair density. Unless, you’re ready to wear your hair short, they usually don’t work.

I’m not saying bangs don’t work for all, but it’s certainly the focal point of a haircut and should be used as that. Bangs are a real fashion statement and meant to be used as such. When I put bangs or fringe on a person, they’re usually there as a statement and meant to be seen. Bangs are not a way to hide your forehead or your age. They do the opposite.

Bangs very rarely look good on people, and never ever look as good when they’re growing out.

Others might argue that 2019 is the perfect year for bangs and an easy way to transform a look without a complete aesthetic overhaul. That’s great if you’re 16.

It’s a decision that most people with hair will eventually consider as a low-risk option for changing up a look that might be unremarkable, but it can be complicated. Bangs usually have to be blown out, ironed and trimmed frequently. They can get dirty quickly and can cause acne, they don’t work for all hair types, and as mentioned before, they’re a pain to grow out. Even very well styled bangs don’t look good on everyone, which some former bang-wearers unfortunately learn the hard way.

My advice is to be sure your ready for bangs before you take the leap.


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Dry Keratin Treatment

Do you have seriously curly hair and just want to soften the curl a bit? A keratin treatment without the hot iron is one way to achieve that. Recently I had a young lady who wanted to maintain her curl but just loosen it a bit. She had the most beautiful curl on her head, but the curl was just too close to the scalp and was giving her too much volume from the root. A dry keratin was what I gave her.

A keratin treatment blow-dry without the iron.

Not all keratin treatments require a flat iron or a keratin press. If you just want to dampen the frizz or curl, you can achieve it with a dry keratin treatment.

Keratin treatments can be very versatile for many different occasions. A hot iron can press it into the hair for a flat sleek look. Sometimes I’ll use a warm to mild temperature to restore the life and protein missing from bleached frizzy dry hair.

Today Samantha received a Dry Keratin Treatment. A treatment without the hot press, or flat iron. I treated her hair with the Uberliss Fiber Expander and then set the dryer to medium heat for 20 minutes with the Uberliss Reconstructor. We then lightly rinsed and blew her dry.

The final result will be after 72 hours when Samantha goes home and washes her hair. She will then have her curl again, but this time loose and smooth.

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thick curly hair with an undercut

Do you have really coarse thick curly hair you just don’t know what to do with? Have you ever wondered what to do with your big bushy sides. What about a short trendy undercut? What is an undercut?

From cutting the under parts of the sides of your thick hair and the underside of the back of your hair, leaving the hair in the crown long to hang over.

Recently a client asked what she could wear to achieve a look that might give her a trendier edge with all her thick hair. So, I explained that an undercut leaving the top floppy to hangover and letting go of her thick sides would give her many different looks and less grief with her thick unruly hair. She agreed, and so we moved forward.

First I started by changing her base color a few shades lighter than her natural  before highlighting so the two shades would blend.

Next we cut all of that thick unmanageable hair underneath. We then decided to leave her with the wet look with a BodyWealth Frap for a more sleek edge.

NO MORE THICK UNSATISFYING HAIR! Next we’ll do a keratin treatment to loosen up that curl and bring smooth hair back into her life.


Needless to say, Nadia’s thick unmanageable hair looked absolutely beautiful when we were through. I can’t wait to hear about all the other looks she’ll be able to sport with this new short haircut.

Check it out!

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keratin treatment before and after

The keratin treatment revolution has finally taken hold.

If you don’t know the benefits of a keratin treatment, you might be missing out.

Whether your hair is colored, highlighted or just plain ole dry, a keratin treatment will help strength and moisturize your hair. The keratin treatment will add a protective layer of protein on your hair and shield you from the elements.

Dayvani came in and has never had color or any other treatment before. Dayvani’s words were, “I never thought my hair could ever look like this!” Dayvani will be returning in a few days to have me throw some lights in her hair.

The next step will be to balayage and brochette some lights behind her hair line so that they will look seamless, modern, and sparkle!


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Keratin Treatment Before and After

Louise came in with dry brittle over processes hair. This is her keratin treatment before and after.

Louise was very unsure about whether or not her hair would ever recover. Her hair had been bleach highlighted, colored over and permed by her last hair stylist.

As you can see, Louise’s keratin treatment has left her hair gleaming.

Her concerns about whether her hair might become more damaged by the treatment were the same concerns many others have. As one can see by her before and after,  her hair was restored to the silky smooth asian hair she had before. Needless to say Louise was so pleased with her before and after, she’s prebooked her next appointment.

I recommended a sulfate free shampoo for Louise to maximize the life of her keratin treatment.  Another subject I’ll talk about in the near future.

Below is a direct link to a few other keratin treatment before afters.

Keratin Before and Afters

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