So you’ve been told your natural red hair color is absolutely beautiful and to never touch it. But you’re bored as heck and want to participate a little bit in the world of color and fashion just like everyone else. Sophia was ready for a change and had never colored her beautiful red hair. The answer was to subtly balayage in some lighting effects into her natural red hair. I recommended going slow and starting low so as not to see where the highlights begin or even end. Nature has a way of lightening hair in the same manner. It’s just not cool to see highlights at the scalp unless it’s super seamless. The worst is when you see dots that start right there at the scalp. One of the things I’ve learned in my years of coloring hair is to make sure that not only does the client get what they want, but to also make sure to get them there without any bumps. I see so much novice work out there and when I do, it drives me wild. Granted, I love avant garde, but it’s good for the right person and the right lifestyle.

Balayage on natural red hair is so much fun for me at this point in my career. Check out Sophia’s before and after. She was very happy and so was I.


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