allergic to hair color

Allergic to hair color? There is a solution!

Recently Shambi (who came in for a preliminary patch test to find out if she was still allergic to hair color) tested positive once again. Although the hair coloring I use is PPD, Resorcinol and Ammonia free, Shambi is in the minority of people still allergic.

I put my thoughts together on how I was going to help. Shambi, a beautiful young lady with almost eighty percent premature gray hair was in need to look her true age. Her allergy to hair color has always been the thorn in her side and wanted so bad to look young again.

The last time someone colored Shambi’s hair she landed herself in the hospital. I was not going to let the happen again.

Shambi just wanted what the rest of us take for granted… to look her true age.

I used a level eight natural, to deposit color on her gray hair without changing her natural color. This blended her gray, making her gray hair look highlighted. I kept the color away from her scalp by coloring her hair in foil panels. This enabled me to insure that Shambi would not be exposed to the allergens that put her in harms way.

Check out Shambi’s before and after.

Allergy to PPD

PPD, Ammonia Free, Resorcinol Free

Oway Hair Color

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