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curly hair, hair stylist for curly hair in sherman oaks, los angeles


A lot of my clients ask "what's the best way to style my curly hair?" First rule of thumb always, never over dry your curly hair. If you're using a diffuser or a blow dryer, try and retain at least 10% of the water in your hair by the time you're finished. Curly hair thrives on moisture. Once it looses it's moisture, it goes frizzy and looses it's curl. The reason us stylists use elixirs, gels and oil is to help seal in the moisture firm so that the hair doesn't lose it's shape and go frizzy. I start by combing the hair while it's wet.  (Word of caution) - Do not brush your wet hair, it'll break. I then will add either a styling lotion, or a gel. This insures that that your curly hair has sealed in...

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To explain what benefits a scalp detox would have


For those of you who may be losing hair, shedding skin, or having hair product build-up, a scalp detox might be in order. Scalp Detox treatments are known to bring your skin and hair follicle back to a free breathing and healthy pH. Hair Loss: Have you ever wondered why you might be losing hair? Losing hair can be one of the most traumatic things a person can go through. It becomes even more devastating when your doctor says there's really not much you can do. As a hair stylist of many years, I have learned that in order to maximize the health of your hair and skin, keeping your scalp clean and detoxed is key. A scalp detox treatment is one of the many ways you can keep your hair on your head and not on your pillow...

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bleached hair keratin treatments


Hair that is bleached loses a substantial amount of keratin. As a result, a great fix is a keratin treatment.  Keratin treatments bring back the life and condition by injecting keratin back into the hair where there's a loss. Keratin treatments and bleach work very well together. Recently Maureen came in requesting a keratin treatment since her hair was stripped, dry and damaged from over-processing. I was impressed with the idea that Maureen knew that a keratin treatment would help her bleached damaged hair. In my experience, the benefits of a keratin treatment for colored hair exceed the expectations of the client almost every time. It brings back the sheen, luster, and the elasticity it loses when the bleach pulls the elastin or breaks the bonds. Keratin treatments and bleached hair are synergistically the best combination because they both...

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am I losing my hair from dying it


Is hair loss and hair coloring connected? The answer is no. However, if you have any underlying health issue or ailment, it can play a part. As a hair colorist and stylist, I take my job very seriously when it comes to the products I use on your hair. Let's face it, if it's going on your hair, it's going on your skin. Hair loss and hair coloring is one of those topics that comes up quite a bit in the salon. The products I use, I've studied very carefully before using. I know the pH, I know the ammonia, resorcinol,  the PPD and formaldehyde contents. These ingredients can add to the inflammation. Inflammation is a major cause of hair loss. When there's a problem with the papilla... (the root of the follicle), it's usually attributed to what's...

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one process hair coloring, old hollywood hairstyles


Recently I got a call from a long time client and now friend requesting for her hair to be colored and  styled.  She was attending a work holiday party with an old Hollywood theme. One process in hair coloring was very high fashion in old Hollywood. Marylyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Jeanne Carmen, Grace Kelly and many more. All were one process color girls. One process color in hair coloring is the best way to cover gray and change your over all color and look.   Although my client Paula doesn't have gray hair, the dark blonde shade she naturally has could use a little zing. Paula's natural hair color is about a level 7. To breathe some life into her hair, I decided to go a little warmer than her natural color. This well help  brighten up her skin and...

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hair coloring sherman oaks, los angeles, crolayage


Recently I came up with a new technique in hair coloring I call  CROLAYAGE. Crolayage - Crocheting hight-lights into the hair to achieve the balayage and ombre effect by using one color at the root, one in the middle and one on the ends. With Samantha, I colored her hair first with a gold concentrate to fill in the missing pigment from the previous color job. At that point I use the final color to achieve the base. After the right base was achieved, I then used my new CROLAYAGE technique to face frame her hair crocheting  some blonde lights into middle to lower parts of her hair for an ombre effect. Samantha and I were very pleased with the final product. She was now ready for her boss and  big power meet. Hair coloring crolayage is my new friend.  MJ...

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Hair coloring Sherman Oaks


Highlighting dark hair can be  tricky in the hair coloring world. But if it's done right, it can be a really cool effect. With Elaine,  she came in with severely damaged hair after being colored time and again to try and get it right. No luck with her last colorist. Sometimes when your dealing with dark fine hair, you don't want to highlight to much of the hair. Hair coloring and highlighting dark hair should be done very conservatively. I took Elaine to a level 6 double ask and then add a few panels of highlights in the front of her hair without doing to much. Elaine may need a few more visits to get all her hair to the right place. Cautioning on more damage, Elaine will come in a few more times till we get it perfect. Highlighting...

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How long does a keratin treatment last


Before I commit to answering the question of "How long does a keratin treatment last", here are a few considerations. Are you washing your hair with a sulfate free shampoo? If you want your keratin treatment to last, the first rule of thumb is to make sure you're using a sulfate free shampoo. A shampoo with a high concentration of Sodium Laurel Sulfate, will wash the keratin out of your hair faster than a shampoo with out it. Some people have better luck than others depending on porosity, volume, or whether the hair is fine or thick.  If you have hair that's super thick, chances are, you're keratin treatment may  last longer than someone with fine hair. If your hair is colored, chances are your keratin treatment might last longer than someone who hasn't colored their hair. If you're used...

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beto cuevas


Lately, I've been getting calls for work with new celebrities at the salon. And usually they can be very private and non disclosures are a given and I don't get to promote the work I do with them. Today was a little different.  I had the privilege of working on the amazing Beto Cuevas. Beto Cuevas and I had some great conversations at the salon today. I took a true liking to him. Beto is quite famous in the latino community. He's truly a gift to the music world. He is currently playing Jesus in "Jesus Superstar" on the latin stage currently in Mexico City. Beto Cuevas is a regular VERY cool kind of guy who you could sit down with and have a deep conversation very easily. He is as humble as they come, not to mention handsome. It...

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