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Have you ever been to a stylist and realized there was either a breakdown in communication… or better yet, they didn’t know what they were doing? So now you have a mess on your hands and a color correction is your top priority.

The first thing you do is call your friends to find out whether they know anyone who is good enough to correct it. Then you go to them and they’ve made an even bigger mess.

A color correction stylist is what you need. Someone who’s made a few mistakes of their own, learned from them, and now understands the law of color.

As a color specialist and stylist,  I’ll share with you a few of the rules you might want consider if you’re in the situation.

  • Rule #1-Never go to a stylist that has little or no experience in color (make sure to ask)
  • Rule #2-Go to a color specialist (make sure you read the reviews)
  • Rule #3-Manage your expectations (sometimes it takes a few sessions with the colorist to get it right)
  • Rule #4-Drive the distance if you have to (in the end you’ll find someone who knows what they’re doing)
  • Rule #5-Don’t try and fix it yourself (you most certainly will be disappointed)

Color Correction is one of the most difficult tasks for a stylist.

First they have to consider the integrity of the hair before they ever put any more chemicals on it. Second, If it’s now been previously been colored a few times, they are dealing with multiple layers of shades they have to account for. Thirdly, color is a balance between art and science and the client doesn’t usually know the difference, therefore it’s the job of the stylist to inform them of their chances of success. Lastly color correction is one of the most unpredictable processes the colorist does in the salon. Color correction is most often always avoided by stylists because of the nature of the outcome and it’s unpredictability. The target color when correcting someone’s hair should be a shade the client must learn to live with before proceeding. This point must always be made before you begin.

As a color specialist of many years, color correction is one of my favorite things to do. When you’ve been doing it as long as I have, you need a few more challenges.

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