To show a before and after of brunette to blonde

Young sweet Ava had the idea she wanted to go from brunette to blonde.

As we FaceTimed and evaluated the pros and cons, she and her mother decided it would be a lot of fun to do.

Ava was a lot darker than I remember her to be the last time I did her hair. Not to mention, Ava was experimenting with some of the super bright pastel colors at home when I I saw her last.

Going in, this was truly a challenge with so many different artificial and natural pigments running through her hair. Some of the hair was already pre-lightened, and some was colored dark. All different porosity levels and different shades.

If anyone knows me, as long as a person understands that things can be unpredictable when attempting something like this, I’m always up for the challenge.

First came the haircut. I gave Ava a shorter more modern look that served two purposes. One, giving her a fresh haircut, and two, getting rid of some of the older damaged oxidized hair.

Next was the color.

At first, I foil paneled ALL her hair, making sure to hit the mid shaft first. Once I was able to remove as much of the color I could with Schwarzkopf Blondeme, I then used HydroSilk Shampoo and Conditioner (my brand) to wash and condition her hair. HydroSilk is infused with real silk protein to help build back the bonds lost in the process. The HydroSilk conditioner, has organic sweet almond oil and shea butter that will help with the next phase of making sure to serve as a buffing agent between her hair and the lightening agent.

Next I hit her roots and ends. Usually the roots and the ends will come up at the same rate. The roots (although healthy and fresh) which are next to the scalp, get naturally heated from the body and help the acceleration process. The ends are usually a little more porous than the rest of the hair, therefore are ready and able to lighten up fast.

After I was able to remove as much of the pigment from her hair, some the earlier artificially colored hair was a little darker than the rest,as a note, artificially colored hair is super difficult and stubborn to remove. I used a Sterling Silver to neutralize the golden darker shades with Redken Shades EQ and a Platinum Ice to neutralize the pale yellow parts.

Check out the before and after.

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