Copper penny Red Hair

The best fall red hair colors for 2022 are finally in. If you’re looking to be daring, or just looking for a change, red hair is like the jewel waiting to be discovered. In nature, redheads seem to be rare and slowly leaving the gene pool of humanity. Although nature seems to be diluting the red hair gene, In the hair coloring world, we have the advantage of bringing them back bold.  From subtle and sophisticated, to avante garde, reds can be so different, they will catch the eye of even the ones who don’t usually take notice.

This fall, red hair is offering an array of shades.

From the bright cooper metal – Reba McEntire reds, to the auburn shades of the autumn leaves.

Reds can usually only be worn by the very lucky few that have the hereditary link.

I’ve learned that red hair can often be worn by blondes, since they are genetically traced geographically, Goldwell reds are my favorite this year, the avante garde pale lilac pink is a blast.”

So, if you’re a natural blonde, you are most  likely a candidate  for one of the beautiful new shades of the fall colors. Reds can also be so subtle and read beautifully illusive, you just can’t pinpoint the color itself. This fall look for the bright copper reds, the auburn shades of leaves, and the whispering shades of gold.

Be daring and try something that might help brighten up your attitude. Sometimes a simple change in your color can make the difference.


Goldwell Reds


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