Color Correction

Some of us have been a bit daring and coloring our own hair during the pandemic. Honoring the six foot rule comes with it’s pitfalls when you’re coloring your hair yourself. Well, that’s where I come in and use my skills as a hair colorist and do the magic of color correction or color removing.

When coloring your own hair, a lot can go wrong unless you understand the law of color. Picking up a box of color, or just having fun with a direct dye can almost be impossible to remove once it’s on unless you understand how this stuff really works.

Color correction is one of the most important skills a hairstylist must have to operate as a professional. Most hairstylists I know, step away from it’s unpredictable nature. It not only takes a steady hand, many years of experience, but also a conservative manner of coloring hair. That means, using color judiciously and gently when correcting and changing the color.

As a color specialist of many years, it was only recently that I started getting a little bored with color. I have developed my own techniques and methods over the years. From crolayage, to the base shadow and back to using some of the balayage methods. Needless to say, it was time for a challenge once again. The pandemic and color correction just might do the job.

Recently Angie from Georgia paid me a visit with her son who had found me online. She had been experimenting with direct dyes and tried the the royal color of blue. Well, not considering what was on her hair to begin with, her hair turned green. I thought the color was kind of fun, but she was ready for a sexier more sophisticated look.

Color correction was in order. I won’t give a way all my secrets, but a lot of my secrets have to do with the simple law of color. We as colorists look to the color wheel when neutralizing or removing an undesired shade.

Take a look at the before and after of Angies hair.

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