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Highlighting dark hair can be ¬†tricky in the hair coloring world. But if it’s done right, it can be a really cool effect.

With Elaine,  she came in with severely damaged hair after being colored time and again to try and get it right. No luck with her last colorist.

Sometimes when your dealing with dark fine hair, you don’t want to highlight to much of the hair.

Hair coloring and highlighting dark hair should be done very conservatively. I took Elaine to a level 6 double ask and then add a few panels of highlights in the front of her hair without doing to much.

Elaine may need a few more visits to get all her hair to the right place. Cautioning on more damage, Elaine will come in a few more times till we get it perfect.

Highlighting dark hair should be done very conservatively. Hair coloring is an art of not only coloring but sometimes letting hair sit for a while for the healing.

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