Working and seeing clients and welcoming new clients at the West Hollywood salon, Michael Joseph creating cutting edge techniques in hair coloring, balayage, shadow coloring and “image translation consulting”.

For a walk down the aisle or on a red carpet, Michael at MJ Hair Designs is the hair stylist and colorist you want. He began his career working with the founders of Aveda, establishing himself as a formidable force in the hair coloring and styling world. Presently, Michael is experiencing a trend toward more hair smoothing and is applying state-of-the-art techniques with the Keratin Press and formaldehyde-free keratin treatments.

“With over 30 years of experience in coloring and styling hair, I’ve learned one thing for sure – caring for your hair at home is just as important as visiting your stylist at the salon. That’s why I developed HydroSilk, a luxury haircare line that cleans, moisturizes and preserves colored and keratin-treated hair, yet is good for everyone to use.

Hydrosilk is a result of many years of frustration with the haircare industry. No matter what I tried, I was just never satisfied.

I one day decided to pick up a few books on the chemistry of how these products are produced and how they work. Doing this was nothing new since I was always known to be the geek in the salon. Already well-versed in the chemistry of hair color and most chemical services that I provided in the salon, I had a head start. Alkalinity, acidity, balance and pH were always at the center of everything I did when treating a client’s hair. Making sure not to use products that contained the traditional salon ingredients found in haircolor, I always worked with products that were devoid of toxic PPDs, ammonia, and resorcinol. Sulfates were always a “no-no”.

With many discoveries and findings in my reading, I then decided to experiment for myself. My research and development was off to a start. Through daily journaling, noting and recalculating levels of surfactants, emollients, oils, thickeners and pH adjusters (to name a few), I finally found the right combination! At this point, I decided to take my formulas to lab experts to have them tested and perfected.

Not being satisfied until I got the best, I pursued, prodded and pushed the manufacturing industry until I got the highest grade of sulfate-free cleansing ingredients for a luxury hair experience that one could count on.

HydroSilk contains silk protein that restores and strengthens the bonds missing in your hair. The organic sweet almond oil removes toxic oil buildup that hinders hair growth. And the West African karite tree butter is rich in Vitamins A and E, and offers UV protection.”

HydroSilk elevates your haircare experience to a level you’ve never felt before.

He is a stylist with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, modeling agencies Elite and LA Models, and the Academy Awards.

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