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At times when highlighting hair at the salon, I like to highlight parts of the hair  on a person’s head. The reason why is I might want my client to look as though she’s been overexposed with overhead sunlight which is the most way hair get’s highlighted by nature. On Michel I covered her base with a level seven ash. Most blondes have an ash base to begin with by birth. Michel came into the salon and with mostly gray hair.

Coloring her hair with an ash base will help help her color graduate from the deeper base to the natural shades of a lighter blonde.  With fewer golden tones and more shades of winter wheat we can ad some sterling  light highlights.   With a base of 7.0, Michel at the hair salon will notice a backdrop to her beautiful rosy skin .

Coloring Michel’s base will help break it a few shades so that she doesn’t have too dark a base that stands out next to her gorgeous new highlights.  Both taking away from each other.

So remember, when you’re in the hair salon and your hair is in need of some good coloring,  but you don’t know what. Coloring your base and highlights can brighten up your look immediately and make you feel like a million bucks! Try it and see.

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