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As a hairstylist of many years, I always run into a new client who’s concerned about breakage and her last visit to the neighborhood salon. Well, let me explain the Integrity of Hair (Broken and Damaged Hair)

Hair breakage- (Broken and Damaged Hair)

Hair breakage happens for a couple of different reasons. It’s usually attributed to the hair taking a beating from either a chemical service like bleach, color, blowdrying, hot ironing or even a combination of those.

Bleach high in ammonia levels can break down the cuticle and even the cortex layers leaving the hair more elastic, and vulnerable to things like brushing it, combing it and most importantly heat.

One of the biggest offenders is the heat coming off your iron or blowdryer. You can slowly be melting away your hair to the point of no return. That means you are pealing layers of hair off every time you heat it up. When you combine heat and a previous chemical service like bleach or color..  you’re insuring the thinning of your hair permanently until your new hair grows out. Sound a bit dire? Well coming to terms with what you expose your hair to can make the difference between what make you and your hair the happiest.

So the next time you visit the salon, or even me, you might want to consider the integrity of your hair first… the quality of the products you or your hairstylist is using on your hair, and most importantly, the amount of time you’re exposing your hair to heat. 

There are no permanent fixes once it’s heat or chemically damaged, only panaceas!!

So make sure your hairstylist is using great products and that you are not over blowdrying/ironing and styling and heating it up to no return. The Integrity of Hair (Broken and Damaged Hair) should be the priority when visiting the salon.


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