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One of the greatest gifts in my early career was discovering Vidal Sassoon. Finally, someone who aligned perfectly with my own. The Vidal Sassoon philosophy was pure and simple. Haircutting should be treated like architecture. My philosophy, MJ Hair Designs, close to the same and yet I like to take it a step further.

A haircut, hair color and texture represent the final sum building blocks and  basis of any hair art.

The haircut is the spacial art and shape of the hairstyle… in essence, the real estate. The hair color represents the dimension and depth.  And the texture represents the character, feel and consistency of the surface of the hair. All these things will give you the hairstyle.

Finally Vidal Sassoon, a visionary who understood the value of hair in its raw form.

Sassoon was amazing in the idea that a hairstyle should be treated like hair in it’s most natural state.

His 5 point haircut, my favorite, was all about 5 points of the haircut, usually a Bob. Three of the points hugging the neck, and the other two pointing forward at the face. Geometry and flash was one of Vidal Sassoons greatest celebrations.

When it came to haircutting, my greatest influence from Sassoon, was beginning my haircuts with the understanding that the head is a round and should be teated as. Everything I do is in pie sections. Color, cuts and texture techniques are all done with this in mind.

Sassoon has truly influenced my haircutting philosophy over the years.

Vidal Sassoon in my opinion was the biggest change in the fashion world of hair in the century. Like the Beatles was to music, Vidal Sassoon was to hair.

Here’s a haircut I just did this week with influences of the Vidal Sassoon five point haircut.


Modern Bob

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