balayage on dark hair

Balayage on dark hair can be the most beautiful effect of all balayage. It requires the hair colorist to be on top of his or her game. Making sure to remove enough of the pigment before depositing the right shade, for the right effect.

Here is an example of balayage client on dark hair. This is Virginia whose highlights I brought to a level 7 before depositing a beautiful Cherry Cola shade on the hair I had pre-lightened. This shade alone all over (as a one process) would not have worked and would have only washed her beautiful olive skin right out.

Balayage on dark hair can be one of my favorite things to do. Balayage is a great choice when coloring your hair if you’re a brunette. Dark hair has a great deal of pigment to consider and should be worked through conservatively. One must make sure to remove enough of the pigment (and not too much) so that the target color can shine through the rest of the natural color of the hair, since dark hair tends to dominate.

Her natural dark hair will serve as the reflector and filter to the Cherry Cola balayage highlights. This will not only compliment her skin tone, but show off a highly sophisticated red brown tone not usually seen in the average world of dark hair.

Hiding the balayage highlights behind her hairline and just below the top of her head makes the highlights even more seamless.

My philosophy on balayage on dark hair or highlighting dark hair, is to make sure that you don’t see where the highlights begin or end. Nature has a way of doing this intrinsically. 

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