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A Modern Bob is always beautiful. Have you ever wondered why some Bobs look so hard on some ladies? A classic Sassoon Bob is a hard to wear unless you have the features and face to pull it off. But a Modern Bob might be a little different.

The facialist at the salon asked me if I would cut her hair. How could I resist such a beautiful lady, let alone beautiful hair.

Maria is a latin beauty. I felt a Modern Bob would help accentuate that.

A pie shaped part would help balance out her overly thick and abundant hair so she doesn’t look lopsided. This is also part of the sex appeal in the haircut.

Making sure to pull out some of the weight in this Modern Bob is essential to help keeping her hair moving. Moving hair is young hair. Texturizing is in complete order when one has thick straight hair. I’m always amazed to see other haircuts come into the salon with curly hair that’s been texturized. What’s the point? Curly hair is texture.

This Modern Bob will help Maria feel fresh and young. Maria is great at what she does at the salon. As an expert Esthetician, Maria needed a little boost in her look. She is now the sexy latin beauty I always thought she was underneath.

Thank you Maria for letting me make you over with a Modern Day Bob!


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