Hair Coloring and Keratin Treatment Strawberry Blonde

Diane is suited best as a strawberry blonde with some featherlike balayage highlights. She has very frizzy coarse hair, and quite a bit of gray.

I began by giving Diane an Uberliss formaldehyde free keratin treatment to pull the frizz and smooth out her hair.

After Diane’s keratin treatment, I used a level seven copper gold by CØR for her base. CØR is an ammonia free, resorcinol free, PPD free organic color system.

Diane has flawless Irish skin and copper base on her skin is perfect to brighten her up with a strawberry blonde glow.

After changing Diane’s base, I threw in some blonde highlights making sure to graduate them heaver closer to her face for that natural effect. This helps break up the color and make her new strawberry blonde haircoloring look like her own.

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