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A lot of my clients ask “what’s the best way to style my curly hair?”

First rule of thumb always, never over dry your curly hair. If you’re using a diffuser or a blow dryer, try and retain at least 10% of the water in your hair by the time you’re finished.

Curly hair thrives on moisture. Once it looses it’s moisture, it goes frizzy and looses it’s curl.

The reason us stylists use elixirs, gels and oil is to help seal in the moisture firm so that the hair doesn’t lose it’s shape and go frizzy.

I start by combing the hair while it’s wet.  (Word of caution) – Do not brush your wet hair, it’ll break. I then will add either a styling lotion, or a gel. This insures that that your curly hair has sealed in the water. Once that’s done, I comb the hair again while it’s wet to finely distribute the product through the hair for even distribution.

Once you have the product distributed evenly in the hair, you can then run your fingers through it, scrunch it and dry it.

If you’re looking for bigger hair, once the hair is dry, at that point you can use a fine mist of hair spray and add your final touches

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