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What some of you may not know is, when I was in beauty school, one had to do finger waves to pass the boards.

The idea behind the waves was to get as close to the head to understand the anatomy of a person’s scalp. The shape of the scalp, where the hairline begins and where it ends. Every scalp is different. Every manipulation depends on the texture of one’s hair. And every wave pattern depends on the mood or the occasion.

The flappers who wore the style were known for one of the first waves of the independence of women in the 1920’s.

Just for fun, and to expand my portfolio, I decided to do some finger waves and photograph the work. For those of you who don’t know, I’m also a fashion photographer. You can see some of my work at

Check out Ashley my model. I’ve used her for a few shoots now and think she is just beautiful. Hope you enjoy her too.


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Before and After Mens Short Haircuts

Are you a man who sports long hair and  wonder if you might look good in a short haircut? Mens short haircuts are some of my favorites. Using clippers are fun for me since I’m not only a cosmetologist, but barber trained.

Recently at the hair salon, I had the chance to make-over my client Jeffrey Janis.  Jeffrey came in and wasn’t sure about whether he might want short hair. You have to know, Jeffrey has been a good client and friend now for many years… a super loyal customer I cherish. So, I always aim to please him. Sometimes when you’re a hairstylist, you walk a fine line between telling someone your truth, or letting them have the reigns on how they’d like to wear their hair. Jeff is amazing and always asks my professional opinion. Today I had the chance to get Jeff into a beautiful short haircut.

Jeff is a very special guy and has worked in the non profit community as a professional fundraiser for 30+ years. He also works in a volunteer capacity on various boards. Currently on his synagogue Board,  and also serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine. There’s a very special place in my heart for all his great work and I’ve been admiring and following him now for many years.

Needless to say, I felt I could do him a service by getting him a cleaner look to follow his long reputation and philanthropic work. Don’t get me wrong, short hair isn’t always better for everyone. But, Jeff’s hair was starting to look a little draggy and needed a pick-me-up.

Check out his before and after at the hair salon and judge for yourself.

Thank you for your loyalty Jeff! I am so grateful for all the years. You’re a good man!

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