Keratin Treatment and a blonde on blonde

What does it feel like to work on the beauty queen Irena?

As a hair stylist, I’ve worked on many beautiful women in my career. But never have I worked on a beauty queen so incredibly humble.

Irena came to me about 5 months ago asking if I could bring her hair back to life. She’d been feeling down, abandoned, and looking for just the right thing to pick her up.

After learning about her career and the education under her belt, I personally became very humbled by this mild mannered woman who just wanted to feel good again.

We began by talking about her Ukrainian background and the adversities associated with her coming to the states. Her life was not an easy one, but one that would remind any of us to live in gratitude.

When you work on a mature beauty queen, you see the knocks and immediately see the beauty. Once a beauty queen, always a beauty queen.

Happy to say, after a keratin treatment and coloring her a blonde on blonde, Irena was feeling good again. The gratitude she showed was something I’m so lucky to experience in this business.

Irena has not only warmed my heart, but my soul.

Irena reminded me once again, how lucky I am to be serving the beautiful people I see, and my art.

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