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CLEAN COLOR TECHNOLOGY is a revolutionary hair color system that clears the myths surrounding ammonia free hair color. The CLEAN COLOR TECHNOLOGY delivers clean, lustrous blondes and bright fashion shades.

As a technical innovator, the Original Mineral has chemists formulating to remove harsh chemicals wherever possible. CLEAN COLOR TECHNOLOGY includes natural extracts and active minerals and will deliver real benefits.

CLEAN COLOR TECHNOLOGY reduces their chemical dependence. Original Mineral’s breakthrough formulas will put less stress on hair whilst ultimately improving the hair’s condition.

CLEAN COLOR TECHNOLOGY understands that the number one priority of any colorist is to deliver professional results to their valued clients time after time. All O&M products are developed with CLEAN COLOR TECHNOLOGY. CLEAN COLOR TECHNOLOGY has the critical input of practicing hairdressers.

They understand that to be truly effective, their formulas have to deliver in the real world. O&M is rigorously salon tested.



Paraphenylenediamine is a chemical substance and is widely and traditionally used as a permanent hair dye. People who are highly allergic to PPD have not been able to dye their hair with traditional hair color.

  • Known as a possible carcinogen
  • Allergies to PPD are common and reactions include dermatitis, reddening and swelling of the scalp and face.
  • In severe allergy cases the eyelids may completely close and can result in contact urticarial and anaphylaxis.


Is a coloring agent and commonly found in topical acne treatments.

  • Suspected to be an endocrine toxicity hazard
  • Known to be a human immune system toxicant
  • Suspected to be toxic to wildlife and the environment


A chemical used in color to swell the hair cuticle for absorption.

  • Unpleasant odor
  • Allergic to exposure and suffering itchy scalps and watery/red eyes.


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