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One of the questions I get a lot of  is, bangs or no bangs. Whether or not someone decides on bangs can depend on how much time they have, but more importantly, it’s going to be work.

I myself usually warn against getting bangs. It’s a choice they’ll most likely regret in the long run. I guess I’m one of those people who’s not a big fan.

When I’m creating a look, I’m usually seeing a continuous line or silhouette on a person. Bangs are usually a disruption to that. When considering the look, I’m usually looking at features, the shape of the face and hair density. Unless, you’re ready to wear your hair short, they usually don’t work.

I’m not saying bangs don’t work for all, but it’s certainly the focal point of a haircut and should be used as that. Bangs are a real fashion statement and meant to be used as such. When I put bangs or fringe on a person, they’re usually there as a statement and meant to be seen. Bangs are not a way to hide your forehead or your age. They do the opposite.

Bangs very rarely look good on people, and never ever look as good when they’re growing out.

Others might argue that 2019 is the perfect year for bangs and an easy way to transform a look without a complete aesthetic overhaul. That’s great if you’re 16.

It’s a decision that most people with hair will eventually consider as a low-risk option for changing up a look that might be unremarkable, but it can be complicated. Bangs usually have to be blown out, ironed and trimmed frequently. They can get dirty quickly and can cause acne, they don’t work for all hair types, and as mentioned before, they’re a pain to grow out. Even very well styled bangs don’t look good on everyone, which some former bang-wearers unfortunately learn the hard way.

My advice is to be sure your ready for bangs before you take the leap.


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