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Master Hair Colorist Michael Joseph of MJ Hair Designs says when you go to the salon to make the big change, make sure MJ Hair Designs color specialists know everything about your hair history. And when we say everything, we really mean everything.

Master Hair Colorist Michael Joseph says when people dye their hair darker, they don’t realize that months and months later the color is actually still in their hair. So say in September, someone went brown and in May she wants to go blonde. MJ Hair Designs says, since you were darker in the fall, we’re going to be battling tons of orange and red tones from the [original] hair dye, If you’ve already dyed your hair before I’ve seen you, please make sure to let me know. It makes a big difference in the products I use to get you to your new look.

Being a blonde on blonde sometimes means the base color is one shade and there will be another shade running through the rest. This will create a more natural effect and sometimes helps cover your gray hair. If you’re not going for pure platinum or a blonde on blonde, you actually want to make sure your roots are darker than your ends so the color looks and grows out nicely. The ends should [always] be a little lighter than the roots otherwise the color can look artificial.

If you’re daring enough to tackle the challenge of dyeing your hair blonde at home, choose the box color you want to go with very carefully – because what you see isn’t always what you get! “If you wanted a buttery blonde, sometimes you might have to buy the ashiest box in the store, which is the opposite of buttery! The reason…? In order to negate the natural orange tones you may already have in your hair [as a brunette] and don’t even realize are in your hair, you need to do this. That’s why stylists in the salon consider everything, like how much gray you have, how dark your hair is and if it’s ever been color treated before.

After you make a color change, give your hair a break! Bleach plus heat with and a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron can cause breakage. People more often go over the front sections with a dryer or iron and thats where I see most of the breakage.

It may look scary to slather a purple product over your strands, but it works, MJ Hair Designs says. This helps neutralize yellow-orange brassy tones [which can occur from washing your hair, environmental stressors and naturally if you started as a brunette with reddish undertones], I recommend using a purple shampoo once a week to combat that undesirable look. But is there ever any chance of hair turning purple from it? It’s possible, but very rare. People also underestimate how summertime activities, like swimming in the pool and ocean, can dry out your hair, I always recommend my clients use a deep conditioner or mask in place of their usual conditioner.

Master Hair Colorist Michael Joseph of MJ Hair Designs hates to break the news, but spritzing lemon juice or Sun-In in your hair won’t create the beachy highlights of your dreams, but cause unnecessary dry hair.  Brunettes should stay far away from the juice.

Do blondes really have more fun? We can neither confirm nor deny, but these fabulous hair color ideas for 2018 have us itching to try something new. If rainy, cold wintery weather has given your beauty routine a major case of cabin fever, we’ve got your ticket to somewhere sunny. First stop: the salon. Mine! At MJ Hair Designs whether channeling a platinum shade à la Monroe or our most recent color crush, ash blonde, we’re finding color inspiration to update our ‘do on all ends of the blonde spectrum. Get inspired before your next hair appointment with blonde hair colors to highlight complexions of all ranges—and to leave you feeling fresh and fabulous. Pinterest beauty board ready? Let’s go girls.

Master Hair Colorist Michael of MJ Hair Designs – Honey Blonde on Blonde Hair Color

Best Hair Colorist Hair Colors MJ Hair Designs (818) 783-0084 Los Angeles Sherman Oaks Studio City Tarzana Encino

For the gal not wanting to fully commit to either end of the blonde spectrum, we love the soft, subtle contrast of this hair color. Wait for the light to catch it just right to reveal golden highlights in all the right places.

Master Hair Colorist Michael of MJ Hair Designs – Ash Blonde on Blonde Hair Color

Best Hair Colorist Salon MJ Hair Designs - Sherman Oaks Salon (818) 783-0084

​​​​​​Hello, modern color crush! We’re loving the cool-girl color of the moment for its grey undertones that are matched by a youthful bright blonde.

Master Hair Colorist Michael of MJ Hair Designs Strawberry Blonde on Blonde Hair Color

Best Hair Colorist MJ Hair Designs (818) 783-0084

“Strawberry wine…seventeen…” This oh-so-sweet hair color takes us back to better days by crossing the bridge between blonde and auburn in the loveliest of ways.

Demonstration on Blonde Hair

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