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The days of potassium, sodium hydroxide (lye), AND ammonium thioglycolate acid for chemical straighteners are over. No more breakage, burn or over processed hair anymore. The revolution has begun.

Ever wonder why you choose to continue the day to day hardship of blow drying or flat ironing your hair when you just can’t stop the breakage of doing so? The solution is the new Uberliss Keratin treatment without the formaldehyde or the breakage.

Ever wonder why you still have those old preconceived ideas that treating your hair with a straightener or a smoothing agent at the salon might break it.

Ever wonder why you just can’t get away from breakage?

My choice for a smoother is Uberliss. Uberliss will make your hair glow and glitter and move like it’s never before. Uberliss is a keratin treatment with the accelerator glyoxylic acid, an organic compound. This compound like others, will not produce the toxic fumes of formaldehyde other straighteners and smoothers produce.

So make your life a lot ¬†easier and stop working so hard to smooth out your hair with the long hours of blowdryers and flat irons. Wake up, wash and wear your hair like you’ve never had it before. Have fun again with all the possibilities and different hairstyles you could never wear before.

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