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Uberliss Keratin Smoothing Treatment


How is the new keratin treatment different from the old system?
  • Treatment time is reduced by at least 10 minutes
  • The Fiber Expander and Fiber Restructure now work synergistically to create a conditioning mesh that forms deep inside the hair cortex.
  • Reduced number of steps (no need for nutritive mask)
  • Enhanced color protection and shine
  • Elimination of static and odor
  • Aloe Vera for extra scalp protection

In addition, we’ve launched the new Uberliss Frizz Elixir, a 2 in 1 Thermal Protector and Anti Humidity Spray. The Frizz Elixir will protect the hair from heat exposure and damage during the flat ironing steps during the treatment while still fighting humidity and controlling frizz. It also makes an excellent salon retail product for your clients who use hot tools at home.


Can I use my Old Fiber Expander with my New Fiber Restructure? What about my New Fiber Expander with my Old Fiber Restructure?

No, it is important you finish out your old keratin treatment before purchasing the new system. Changes were made to both the Fiber Expander and Fiber Restructure; the old system is not compatible with the new system.


My salon still has the old system, and recently purchased the new system. How do I make sure I am using the new treatment vs the old?

The color of the product will be different. Fiber Expander now has a pink color and the Fiber Restructure now has a soft lilac color. Make sure to check your stock and use the most current version. Check the bottom of your bottle for a blue alphanumeric number, do you see the number 17 followed by the letter J on it? If yes, then you have the most updated keratin.


Are the steps of the new treatment different than the old treatment?

Yes! Due to the elimination of the Nutritive mask, and formula modifications to the Fiber Expander and Fiber Restructure, it’s important you follow our new instructions for optimal results.


Can I use the Nutritive Mask as an added service?

Of course! We strongly recommend that stylist’s schedule a follow up appointment with their keratin clients a month after application for a nutritive mask treatment. This will keep their hair soft and hydrated.


Can I add a Bond Builder to the Uberliss Keratin Treatment?

Yes! You can add the Uberliss Bond Regenerator for added protection while performing the Uberliss Keratin Treatment. For 1 oz Restructure use 1 mL’s Bond Regenerator. For 2 oz Restructure use 1.87 mL’s Bond Regenerator.


Clarifying Shampoo vs Fiber Expander for the first step? What’s the big deal?

Both Clarifying Shampoos and the Uberliss Fiber Expander prepare the hair by balancing the pH before treatment. However, clarifying shampoos strip the hair of moisture. The Uberliss Fiber Expander is a revolutionary product that not only balances hair pH, but also expands the hair cuticle- allowing the Fiber Restructure to penetrate deep into the hair cortex and forms a conditioning mesh.


Can I use Uberliss with other Keratin treatments, color services, and chemical processes?

Of course! The Uberliss Keratin Treatment is perfectly compatible with other chemical services. As long as your hair isn’t irreparably damaged, you’re good to go!


How long does the Uberliss Keratin Treatment last?

Results typically last anywhere from 3-4 months, depending on the condition of your hair. Different factors, such as curl volume, density, diameter, porosity, hair history, etc can affect the longevity of the treatment. Some clients have experienced results that lasted longer than the average, i.e. 6-8 months.


Which ingredient makes the Uberliss Keratin Smoothing Treatment effective?

We use Glyoxylic Acid as our active smoothing ingredient. It’s much safer than Formaldehyde (Methylene Glycol) and better at creating a smooth seal around the hair-shaft.


Is Uberliss Keratin Smoothing Treatment treatment safe to use on children or pregnant women?

We always recommend that you consult with your physician or pediatrician, but the Uberliss Keratin Treatment is safe for all clients.


Do I need to have an expensive ventilation system in my salon or wear a mask during the application of Uberliss Keratin Smoothing Treatment ?

Before flat ironing hair with Uberliss Fiber Restructure, we recommend hair stylists wear a mask to prevent the inhalation of acidic fumes.


When can I shampoo after the Uberliss Keratin Smoothing Treatment ?

Clients will need to wait 72 hours after the service before they wash. They may use a dry shampoo in the interim or if necessary a gentle co-wash. IF your hair gets wet (water only) you may proceed to blow-dry and flat iron immediately, the keratin treatment should not be affected.


Can I retain my curls with Uberliss Keratin Smoothing Treatment? I just want to lose some of the frizz…

Of course, no problem! Even though the Uberliss Keratin Treatment is engineered for volume and curl reduction, stylists can simply dial down the heat of the flat-iron and do less passes at the final stage of the Regular Method to retain more of your curls.


When can I apply color? Before or after applying Uberliss Keratin Smoothing Treatment ?

We recommend applying the Uberliss Keratin Treatment first, before color service. Optimal results are seen after waiting one whole week after applying Uberliss, since that allows the cross-link bonds of the keratin treatment to settle and solidify.


What type of flatiron should I use with Uberliss Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

It’s best to use a Titanium flat iron with large plates and an adjustable heat setting. We strongly recommend using the Uberliss Titanium Flat Iron for optimum performance. All other kinds of irons, i.e. Ceramic, Onyx, Gold, etc… don’t work as well with the Uberliss Keratin Treatment, so try your best to avoid using them.


How do I minimize color fading or lifting when applying the Uberliss Keratin Smoothing Treatment ?

Simply lowering the temperature of your Titanium flatiron should do the job. Anywhere from 380º F to 410º F is all you need for processed hair. You can also lower the amount of passes of the flatiron. The hair is already porous, so you need to be careful with the temperatures and limit heat exposure.


How much should I pay for the Uberliss Keratin Smoothing Treatment ?

Salons typically price keratin treatments at $200-300. We have seen salons charge more, and less. It all depends on you, your location, your skill level, clientele, etc.


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