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Below are a few of the before and after keratin treatments I’ve done.  The new Uberliss Revolution has taken hold. The Uberliss Smoothing Keratin Treatment has been a life changer for me and  a lot of people.

I’ve seen a lot of products come and go, but I’ve never seen something so revolutionary.

The thing is, there are a lot of Keratin Treatments out there, but few are toxic free like Uberliss. Never convinced of doing these treatments because of the gas it was emitting, I specifically had the receptionist let me know the days the other hairstylists were doing them and always made sure not to book my clients those days. I felt one day, we would find out that hair dressers would be getting sick of the formaldehyde gas it was emitting. Low and behold I was right.

I was always interested in the science and ingredients of the chemical in the beauty products we used. The geek I was,  I always read the ingredients and looked them up and contacted OSHA for any safety notices.

One day I was at the International Salon and Spa Exposition and happened to come across a class given by a gentleman from India. Chemist, Dr. Ali Syed.

As I sat through his lecture and watched his before and afters, I was immediately put at ease.  Knowing Dr. Syed’s formula did NOT use a formaldehyde or Methlyne Glycol fuel like the others, I became very curious. The Glyoxylic Acid he was using as the accelerator was not only benign and organic, but at the lowest levels on the ph scale for a product like this I’ve ever seen.

Finally,  I was convinced to try this new technology since it was safe.

Since then, I’ve been sold on not only something that has revolutionized the hair industry in a healthy manner, but has changed the lives of so many of my clients that were living with frizzy, curly, dull looking hair.  Now we are all enjoying healthy, smooth, shiny lustrous hair.

Thank you Uberliss Keratin!

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