Before I commit to the answer of “How long does keratin last”, here are a few factors one might consider.

If you want your keratin treatment to last, the first rule of thumb is to make sure you’re using a sulfate free shampoo. A shampoo with a high concentration of Sodium Laurel Sulfate will wash the keratin out faster than a shampoo with out the SLS.

I talk about this subject quite a bit at the salon. Keratin has a tendency to last as long as the person who has the treatment understands that keratin is not meant to last forever.

Some people have better luck than others depending on porosity, volume, or whether the hair is thick or fine. 

If you have hair that’s super thick, chances are, you’re keratin treatment may  last longer than someone with finer hair. If your hair is colored, chances are your keratin treatment might last longer than a someone who hasn’t colored their hair.

If you’re used to washing your hair everyday, you may be pulling more keratin from the hair than someone who washes every other day.

At the salon today, Jennifer asked me the same question. “How long does a keratin treatment last?”Jennifer likes to wash her hair everyday, but I warned that such a practice might do her more a disservice than she might think. She could be washing out the keratin sooner than later.

Preserving your keratin treated hair could solely depends on how much you’re shampooing, coloring, blowdrying, or flat ironing your hair. Treat it delicately and you could count on healthier, smoother and silkier hair for a longer period of time.

Keratin treatments usually last anywhere from 3 to 4 months. If you get a keratin treatment on a regular basis, they could last up to 6 months.


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