Hair that is bleached loses a substantial amount of keratin. As a result, a great fix is a keratin treatment.  Keratin treatments bring back the life and condition by injecting keratin back into the hair where there’s a loss. Keratin treatments and bleach work very well together.

Recently Maureen came in requesting a keratin treatment since her hair was stripped, dry and damaged from over-processing.

I was impressed with the idea that Maureen knew that a keratin treatment would help and not further hurt or damage her hair.

In my experience, the benefits of a keratin treatment for colored  hair exceed the expectations of the client almost every single time. It brings back the sheen, the luster, and the elasticity it had before the bleached hair.

Keratin treatments and bleached hair are synergistically the best combination because they both work together to bring back the condition at the nano level. 

The fact that colored or bleached hair is more porous is precisely the reason why a keratin treatment can help more effectively.

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