keratin treatment and color correction

Recently I got a call from a young lady in a panic that a hair colorist had botched up her color. I asked her to come in and let me look at it. Well, she was right. She must have had about 5 different colors running through her hair. I recommended a change in color with the plan to end with a  keratin treatment.

The first plan of action was to get her back to a base color we could start from and not to do more until we see how her hair washed out in the coming weeks.

That entailed not using more permanent color, but a superficial color system that would not subject her to any more of the same chemicals that fryed her hair to begin with. I used Redken Shades EQ,  a demi-permanent color system that would normalize all the awkward shades running through her hair and create a new base to get her back on track.

Of course to make sure her hair was in the best condition afterwards, I used the Uberliss formaldehyde free Keratin Treatment. The treatment reinforced  the new base color by locking the color in and smoothing the hair down to a silky finish.

A Smooth and Silky formaldehyde free keratin treatment is a real treat for those with dry brittle colored hair.

Once all was said and done, her color correction and keratin treatment was a true success. Take a look at the the new color with the keratin treatment finish of Uberliss.

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