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West Hollywood has certainly kept me busy doing these amazing luxury keratin treatments. Have you ever wondered how it might be to wake up, shampoo and let your hair air dry?

Have you dreamed of smooth silky hair? Have you every wondered if there was a product that would not damage your hair when you need your curly hair to drop just a bit or relax? Well, the Uberliss keratin treatment is truly one of those best kept secrets here in West Hollywood. And what’s even better is, it’s a formaldehyde free treatment that won’t hurt you or your hair!

Keratin treatments are treatments that can last as long as four months. The treatment takes around two and half hours and that includes time under the heat lamp or dryer.

Camille found me online and wanted to make sure she didn’t have to spend all her time managing her unruly hair… ┬ánow that she’s off to college. The busy young lady she is, led her to West Hollywood from Santa Monica, seeking one of my luxury keratin treatments so that she didn’t have to spend more time than she has. My job was to help her keep her hair in check so that all her time would be spent focusing on her studies. Camille spent her free time tutoring students of all ages in mathematics, Chinese, and English. She is also co-president of the Girls Learn International Club, which is a program of the Feminist Majority Foundation. Fun fact: Last spring, Camille and her classmates organized a multinational virtual Model UN conference! Another fun fact: She is related to Karl Marx.

MJ Hair Designs is wishing Camille a very successful venture into the world of college studies and her new life.

Check out Camille’s keratin before and after.

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