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As one of the best hair colorist Los Angeles is trending, Michael will carefully consider your skin tone, eye color and lifestyle. He will transform you and your hair color in an instant.

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“Wonderful! I just moved here from out of country and have already found my stylist. Michael is fantastic, he is passionate about his craft, artistic, kind and intelligent. Michael listened, not only to my need, but gave me solutions and offered me alternatives as well.The whole experience made me feel very comfortable and cared for. Michael, I thank you and my now lovely hair thank you as well. I will be back.”

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“LOVE MyY HIGHLIGHTS😀 Michael is an amazing colorist. He matched highlights that compliments my olive complexion. He’s the only stylist that has been able to get my highlights to Luke to a golden Carmel color, without it looking rusty orange. Thank you Michael💕 I can’t wait to get the Keratin hair treatment in 2 weeks.”

“Michael is the most wonderful hairdresser ever. Color specialist and hair artist. If you are not sure of what to do, he will give you suggestions of what will accentuate your best features. Michael is so modest about his abilities. He is amazing and so genuine. ”


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Ever wonder what it might be like to have long hair color balayage? Coloring your long hair is a major risk if you don’t have the right person doing it. It could take years for your hair to recover from the wrong person coloring it.

In all the years I’ve been doing hair, I’ve seen many hair colorists who just don’t get it. Some hair colorists go to far with color, and some don’t go far enough.

Here’s an example of a young lady with super dark long hair who wanted something a little more decorative in style and color.  When she first approached me with the idea of putting in some highlights, I balked at the idea knowing this could be a risky affair with such dark hair.  But who better than myself to throw some color into her life and some hair color balayage into her long hair. Although I loved the color of her hair, I sensed this  young lady was just trying to be different. I’d rather be the one doing her hair than knowing some inexperienced person who might ruin her hair for a long time to come. 

When she first came to me, I noticed the old orangey ends that someone never brought up light enough to the right level to get her away from the brass. She had been permanently stained for a long time.

I immediately got to work on this gorgeous super long hair that demanded total care every step of the way. With a couple of different processes, not only was the color beautiful when I got done, but the integrity of her hair had never been compromised.

Take a look at her before and after.

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Below are a few of the before and after keratin treatments I’ve done.  The new Uberliss Revolution has taken hold. The Uberliss Smoothing Keratin Treatment has been a life changer for me and  a lot of people.

I’ve seen a lot of products come and go, but I’ve never seen something so revolutionary.

The thing is, there are a lot of Keratin Treatments out there, but few are toxic free like Uberliss. Never convinced of doing these treatments because of the gas it was emitting, I specifically had the receptionist let me know the days the other hairstylists were doing them and always made sure not to book my clients those days. I felt one day, we would find out that hair dressers would be getting sick of the formaldehyde gas it was emitting and low and behold I was right.

I was always interested in the science and ingredients of the chemical reactions in the beauty products we used. The geek I was,  I always read the ingredients and looked them up one by one.

Then one day I was at The International Salon and Spa Exposition and happened to come across a class given by an older gentleman from India. Chemist, Dr. Ali Syed.

As I sat through his lectures and watched his before and afters, I was mesmerized.  Knowing Dr. Syed’s formula did NOT use a formaldehyde or Methlyne Glycol fuel like the others, I became very curios. The Glyoxylic Acid he was using as the accelerator was not only benign, but at the lowest levels on the ph scale for a product like this I’ve ever seen.

Finally,  I was convinced to try this new technology since it was safe.

Since then, I’ve been sold on something that has not only revolutionized the hair industry in a healthy manner, but has changed the lives of so many of my clients that were living with frizzy, curly, dull looking hair.  Now we are all enjoying healthy, smooth, shiny lustrous hair.

Thank you Uberliss Keratin!

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If you live in an area where there is hard water, chances are you’ve noticed that your hair isn’t in the best of shape. Ask Michael at MJ Hair Designs about the MALIBU BUILD UP TREATMENTS.

This is because minerals such as rust and chlorine build up in your hair, leaving it feeling dry, coarse and dirty. This excess buildup can also cause blondes to take on a brassy hue in their tresses. A good way to remove this buildup and start with a clean slate is by getting a Malibu hair treatment.

Malibu Basics

MALIBU BUILD UP TREATMENTS are salon treatments. There are also at-home products like Malibu shampoos, conditioners and other hair treatments. The best way to get the most effective Malibu treatment, though, is by visiting a Michael at MJ Hair Designs.

A packet of the Malibu hair treatment consists of granules referred to as a “crystal gels.” These granules are mixed with water and rubbed into the hair. Stylists usually allow the treatments to process under a hair dryer for at least 40 minutes. Make sure that you have at least an hour to spare before getting  the MALIBU BUILD UP TREATMENTS , depending on the length and thickness of your hair, processing time can vary.

A Malibu treatment typically will remove excess buildup in your hair caused from hard water, calcium from swimming pools and water softeners. Hard water often contains chlorine and iron, which is what makes lighter hair take on a coppery or brassy hue. If you are a swimmer or use the pool frequently, chlorine and copper can build up in your hair, also causing damage. Copper is what causes light hair to take on a greenish cast. MALIBU BUILD UP TREATMENTS will effectively remove this buildup.

Hair Prep

MALIBU BUILD UP TREATMENTS are also great for prepping hair for color, perms and relaxers. Think of each strand of hair as a small hallway. The more people you shove into the hallway, the less room there will be, and eventually, you will run out of space. When there is buildup in the hair, minerals and impurities absorb into the strands, saturating them. As a result, hair color, perms or keratin treatments have less room for the absorption of these products.

MALIBU BUILD UP REMOVING TREATMENTS are applied before a professional hair coloring, perming or keratin treatment. It will remove buildup and make room for these processes.

Frequency of Treatment

Michael at MJ Hair Designs typically recommends that you get a professional Malibu treatment every nine weeks or so, especially if you have color-treated hair. If you are using at-home Malibu treatments, follow the directions on the packaging. Malibu clarifying shampoos and conditioners should be used weekly. Other clarifying shampoos like Neutrogena Clean Volume, Clairol Herbal Essences Clarifying and Avalon Organics Lemon Clarifying shampoos will all work great.

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Uberliss – a nano two-step keratin treatment with an added color-guard to help retain client color. The formula embeds a conditioning mesh into the cortex to reduce steps and allow for easier application, while improving smoothing performance. Step one of the nano keratin treatment is the Uberliss Fiber Expander which offers a dual functionality of expanding the hair cuticle and inserting the conditioning crosslinker, di-amine.

Step two, Uberliss Fiber Restructure, penetrates the cortex and inserts the straightening active glyoxylic acid and the blend of nano technology keratin, cysteine and buriti. During heat application, crosslinks form between the di-amine and glyoxylic acid to create the mesh that keeps hair soft, silky and smooth for up to five months. The Uberliss Frizz Elixir is used before the final flat-ironing step to give thermal protection, add shine and control any remaining frizz.


One question is, “Is there formaldehyde or methylene glycol in nano keratin treatment technologysystem Uberliss?”. Of course not. Uberliss has never worked with formaldehyde or methylene glycol. nano keratin treatment Uberliss is about how formaldehyde was not good for your health or the industry. Some brands have 6%-7% methylene glycol in their products, but this is bad for your health.

When you blow dry or flat iron, these fumes will affect your eyes, throat and nose. This is all documented by OSHA and health institutes. That is why I stay away from formaldehyde or methylene glycol. OSHA and EPA tell you that the nano keratin treatments that contain this ingredient are one and the same thing. Uberliss uses a compound called Glyoxylic Acid with a very low pH. Any fumes there are will not really affect your health. To me, my health and the health of my clients is most important.

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Knowing that consumers have become savvy to the dangers of chemicals in hair dye, manufacturers have gone all-out in their attempts to green wash their products. Just because the name of a product may sound ‘green and clean’ doesn’t mean it is.

Some of the worst offenders? L’Oreal Natural Match(the ‘natural’ refers to your original hair color, but could easily be misinterpreted); Garnier HerbaShine (yes, it contains bamboo and has no ammonia, but is not without high levels of peroxide without buffers. Clairol Natural Instincts(again, ammonia free, but packed with other harmful chemicals.

In America, the legal maximum is 2%; brands that really try hard to be natural (such as those below) could contain as little as .06%.

A 1994 National Cancer Institute report states dark dyes used over long periods of time seem to increase the risk of cancers such as lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Despite all the potential dangers, in America, the FDA doesn’t regulate hair dye ingredients (synthetic or natural) at all.

You should be aware that all permanent colors will always use some chemicals; choosing the one that is the least damaging and most natural really is a case of using the best information you have to do so.

But never fear – I’ve done the research and selected best and most natural hair color around.

Original & Mineral

My favorite with top models and celebrities, this Australian brand was one of the first to produce professional grade ammonia and non at all, resorcinol and PPD free permanent hair color making it gentle on hair, scalp and hands. In fact, they call their formula CCT™–Clean Color Technology. This delivers clean, lustrous blondes, bright fashion shades and lasting, vibrant colors while completely and gently covering grey.

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Recently I corrected a clients hair color gone array. When she went home with  she absolutely loved it . Color Correction is one of a hair colorists biggest nightmares, But Color correction is a dream for me.

After leaving me and leaving the salon, she walked into her agents office only to be told, “the color wasn’t consistent with the role she landed. I immediately got to work and used the Pravana Hair Color Extractor. Needless to say, I love my job and nailed it.

What a wonderful life!

When the client’s artificial hair color is too dark, or when you want to simply remove virtually any artificial hair color, the fastest and easiest corrective coloring can be accomplished by using Pravana’s Artificial Hair Color Extractor. As a result of this rather unique product, it will not lighten or degrade virgin hair color.  Therefore,  previously pre-lightened or highlightened hair has absolutely no damaging effects on the hair!

  • Extracts only artificial oxidation-type hair color without affecting natural       hair pigmentation.

  • Leaves hair conditioned and softly textured.

  • Easy to mix, apply and process.

  • Does not contain ammonia, bleach, or formaldehyde.

Pravana Artificial Color Extractor is my go to color extractor.

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Original Technology

Following many years of research and salon testing, CØR.color represents a huge leap forward. Los Angeles Hair Color Specialist Michael says this is an exciting time.

With the introduction of this new and exclusive Molecular Blend Technology (MBT), you will find a minimum risk with scalp irritation.

As one of the first hair color companies in the world to produce professional ammonia-free hair color, O&M is serious. O&M is serious about low-chemical solutions for today’s conscious clients. Color Specialist Michael,  says he’s serious too!

Michael of MJ Hair Designs says CØR.color is both an answer to an industry-wide problem.  The increasing chemical sensitivity and, a compelling story where consumers are constantly looking for more natural, high performance products.

O&M removed the following common irritating ingredients in hair color:

  •  Ammonia

  • PPDs

  • Resorcinol

  • Gluten

  • Soy

  • Animal Ingredients

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O&M CØR is the next generation in Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol-free professional hair color.

I stumble across CØR.color this year and was flabbergasted by this toxic free hair color and as a result I am currently moving all my clients to this amazing hair coloring.

It’s called CØR because color is the core of the brand.

By the way,  Ø at the heart represents their commitment to making the cleanest color in the world by eliminating harsh chemicals.

Ammonia a is typically used to swell the hair and open the cuticle scales to allow color to penetrate deep within the cortex. Yes, for anyone with sensitive skin or scalp, this could be an unhealthy additive. They’ve replaced it with MEA.  MEA is an alkalizing agent that mimics the role of Ammonia, minus the odor, irritation, and cuticle damage.

PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) is a chemical know to cause dermatitis, reddening and swelling of the scalp and face. They’ve replaced it with low levels of PTDS (p-Toluendiamine Sulfate). PRDS enables up to 50% of PPD allergic stylists and clients to now use color.

Resorcinol is a popular coloring agent toxic to wildlife and the human immune system. Shade dependent, they’ve replaced it with 2-Methylresorcinol or 4-Chlororesorcinol . The two chemicals are kinder to the environment and promote less potential to sensitize.

Needless to say, I am moving all my clients this line because not only is it safe and has 100 beautiful shades, it covers gray and is as gentle a color can be.

Thank you O&M CØR.color

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CLEAN COLOR TECHNOLOGY is a revolutionary hair color system that clears the myths surrounding ammonia free hair color. The CLEAN COLOR TECHNOLOGY delivers clean, lustrous blondes and bright fashion shades.

As a technical innovator, the Original Mineral has chemists formulating to remove harsh chemicals wherever possible. CLEAN COLOR TECHNOLOGY includes natural extracts and active minerals and will deliver real benefits.

CLEAN COLOR TECHNOLOGY reduces their chemical dependence. Original Mineral’s breakthrough formulas will put less stress on hair whilst ultimately improving the hair’s condition.

CLEAN COLOR TECHNOLOGY understands that the number one priority of any colorist is to deliver professional results to their valued clients time after time. All O&M products are developed with CLEAN COLOR TECHNOLOGY. CLEAN COLOR TECHNOLOGY has the critical input of practicing hairdressers.

They understand that to be truly effective, their formulas have to deliver in the real world. O&M is rigorously salon tested.



Paraphenylenediamine is a chemical substance and is widely and traditionally used as a permanent hair dye. People who are highly allergic to PPD have not been able to dye their hair with traditional hair color.

  • Known as a possible carcinogen
  • Allergies to PPD are common and reactions include dermatitis, reddening and swelling of the scalp and face.
  • In severe allergy cases the eyelids may completely close and can result in contact urticarial and anaphylaxis.


Is a coloring agent and commonly found in topical acne treatments.

  • Suspected to be an endocrine toxicity hazard
  • Known to be a human immune system toxicant
  • Suspected to be toxic to wildlife and the environment


A chemical used in color to swell the hair cuticle for absorption.

  • Unpleasant odor
  • Allergic to exposure and suffering itchy scalps and watery/red eyes.