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Have you ever wondered how some colors just look so seamless you can’t figure out where it begins and where it ends on the hair? Well, a technique I use when coloring hair is called crocheting, or crochet hair coloring. I used the technique on this model to create a big splash of color.

Balayage, Crochet, MJ Hair Designs, Best Salon, Los Angeles

Crochet hair coloring is melting two or more strand of hair into one starting with one color at the roots, one in the middle of the shaft and one at the ends.

For those who are looking for more of a daring color system without the bleed marks,  this is one of the best ways to color your hair.

Crochet hair coloring is all about working with the natural flow of color, the shape of ones head and a persons features. I like crochet hair coloring because it takes into mind all of the things hair colorists take for granted when coloring hair. Most hair colorists are looking to create great looks but don’t always use techniques that achieve the natural flow of hair. This is one technique you can count on when considering the head being round, the face being square and the hair being fluid.

So, come in and see me for either a complimentary consultation or just book an appointment with confidence that you WILL look beautiful when you leave the salon.

Have a lovely hair day!

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Hair Coloring Techniques



Color Wheel, Colour Chart

When it comes to coloring hair, one of the biggest tools a hair colorist can use is a color wheel. The color wheel helps hone in and target a shade that the hair color specialist can either want to neutralize or emphasize.

Primary colors are red yellow and blue are the basic colors and cannot be made by mixing other colors. These are the colors that matter the most when coloring hair. The bases of these colors make up all the other colors.

Secondary colors and made by mixing two primary colors.

Tertiary colors are made by mixing one primary with one adjacent secondary color

Warm colors are advancing colors and Cool colors are receding.

When it comes to coloring your hair, make sure your hair colorist understand the color of law. And yes, make sure he or she owns a color wheel.

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Color Wheel, Colour Chart


Hair Color, Keratin TreatmentFRIZZY TO SILKY HAIR, keratin treatment, mjhairdesigns

Ever wonder what it would be like to go from Frizzy to Silky hair. MJ Hair Designs is now working with the cutting edge formaldehyde free keratin Uberliss.

The answer to all your prayers is in this one keratin treatment.

Most Brazilian Blowouts are producing a formaldehyde gas that might be harmful to your health, hair and even your hairstylist. Some of these products make some pretty outrageous claims that the percentage of formaldehyde is so low that nothing in the process can hurt you. Independent studies are now showing that these products are emitting almost 20 – 25% formaldehyde gas. The irony is it’s really not necessary for one to be exposed to such a gas. It’s just cheaper to make in the labs!

So why expose yourself to keratin treatments that might be harmful to you… MJ Hair Designs realizes that not only the health of your hair, but your personal health is much more important than just an unnecessary gas that’s cheap. Uberliss … the only keratin Brazilian blowout on the professional market that’s safe, effective, and clean.

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Keratin Treatments


The only thing worse than a gray, cloudy day is a day starting out with cloudy-looking GRAY HAIR!  But when it comes to coloring that gray and making it go away, you really want a hair care specialist who can give you that authentically youthful look you want.  You need the right hair-color products and an expert stylist who knows what they’re doing to makes those grays go away.  In a pinch though, here are four important tips to remember.


To color gray hair, one option is to use a permanent hair color. FRAMESI’S NN SERIES is an excellent way to go.  It’s specially formulated to cover 100% of that gray and comes in a variety of shades.  Blonde hair, brown hair, black hair or red, Framesi’s covers them all.  From their line, you can easily find your own personal best match.  Whether your hair is a super-light blonde or closer to a deep brunette hue, Framesi’s has the perfect match for you.


Let’s say yours is a lighter hair color.  You can beat the graying effect of your lighter locks by having your hair-color professional add highlights to your color.  Those strategic highlights will give you a more fun, natural look.


Your hair color, that is.  You want to look younger?  (Hey, who doesn’t?)  Then keep in mind that very dark hair color, especially black, tends to intensify the appearance of and draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles.  (And I know you don’t want that.)  Here’s a neat little solution.  Rather than trying to to match your current hair color exactly, especially if your hair is naturally dark, try a permanent hair color that’s one or two shades lighter.  This little secret will not only help your hair look brighter, but your spirits will be brighter, too.  You’ll get a more naturally youthful look, all the way round.


Even those people who’re most diligent with dyeing their hair, chances are, those sneaky gray hairs have been caught peeking though their roots from time to time.  (Not a pretty picture, is it?)  One day, your hair may look flawless and the next?  Those gray roots may look an inch long.  (And we can’t have that.)  When that happens and you don’t have time to color your hair again for a few days, but don’t want your gray hair on display, don’t panic.  It doesn’t mean you have to hide your locks beneath a hat all day.  All you need for an easy fix is a temporary root cover-up spray.  L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up will save the day.  Spray it directly onto new hair growth and just partway through the length of your hair, to blend in.  Once those roots are covered, your little camouflaging secret will last through your next shampoo.  Be sure to stock up on your favorite boxed color because when those gray roots start to show, you sure don’t want to be showing them off.
These were just a few tips to help keep your gray…at bay.  A few gray-covering tips you can do at home.  But remember, to get the best effect at covering that gray hair, do make an appointment to see your hair color specialist.  That would be me.  I’m ready to make your own gray, gray...GO AWAY. 


Hair Colorist MJ Hair Designs and Ammonia-Free CØR.color
Oh, ammonia!  It may be fine for cleaning-up around your house but not for your hair.  The time has come for ammonia-free hair color and you’ve come to the right place to find out about why that’s so important.  O&M CØR.color is the next generation in ammonia-free hair color.  They call it CØR because clean color is at the core of what makes their hair-color line better for your hair’s strength and good health.
This new hair-coloring technique didn’t just come about overnight.  It took years of research, along with real-life in-salon testing to make coloring your hair such a clean, ammonia-free and risk-free process.  O&M wanted to make sure they got it right with CØR.color.  Their revolutionary new system guarantees super coverage of graying hair, while minimizing scalp irritation.  How’d they do it?  Well, it took some doing but but I’m really impressed with the way they pulled it off.
For starters, O&M removed the common scalp-irritating ingredients that were once common in so many hair-coloring products of the past.  The biggest culprit?  It was ammonia.  From the CØR line, the ammonia is gone!  But they didn’t stop there.  CØR.color uses no PPDs, no Resorcinol, no Gluten or soy, and no animal-product ingredients, either.  That’s right, O&M CØR.color is good for your hair and for the environment.
I’m thrilled to be adding the CØR.color line to my color palette at the salon.  In fact, I’ve used it on a few of my clients and, I’m happy to say, RAVE reviews are already coming in.  Reviews like these.
M. Popkin Kline says, “I’ve never had hair-color cover 101% of my grey, and give my hair so much vibrancy, while keeping it smooth-to-the-touch, looking really healthy and shiny!”  D. F. confesses she’s been allergic to just about everything.  She’d not been able to find a hair-color system that didn’t literally make her sick.  She’s a true believer now and is happy to say, CØR.color was the color system that saved her hair!
When it comes to coloring your hair, these days, it’s all about CLEAN!  Consumers are constantly looking for pure, more natural, high performance hair-care products, giving you clean, ammonia-free color.  Well, they can stop looking.  Out with the ammonia!  CØR.color really is the clean, irritant-free answer to those hair-coloring problems you may have had in the past.  You won’t find O&M CØR.color line just anywhere.  But you can find it when you visit me at the salon.
So come on in and let me show you the clean, ammonia-free solution to coloring your hair!


Emmy Awards 2018 Emmys MJHairDesigns Emmys 2018 red carpet fashion-see-every look as the stars arrive

Got your bowl of popcorn ready?  I do, and I’m ready to settle down watching the 2018

Emmy Awards

on NBC tonight!  Oh, I just love those Hollywood awards shows and have, since I was a kid.  I’m not exactly a “kid” anymore but would have never imagined when I was, that I’d actually have the chance to work behind the scenes, making some of the guests in the audience look like a million bucks.

Earlier this year, I had an exciting honor, styling hair for the wife of the the producer of the hit movie, Boss Baby.  (Oh, my late mother would have been so proud of me.)  And, I must say, when I was done, she was as pleased with how her hair looked, as I was to do it.
Emmys_2018_MJHairDesignsThe 70th Primetime Emmys will be held tonight but you may not know, there’s a lead-up event to tonight’s big show, the CREATIVE ARTS EMMYS.  Held at downtown Los Angeles’ new Microsoft Theater, these awards honor outstanding technical achievement in a wide variety of television programs.  They’re the people you don’t see on camera, who work hard behind the scenes in production, getting those fabulous TV shows you love so much from Hollywood to your TVs, tablets and smart phones.
The Creative Arts Emmys were held September 8th & 9th and I had a hand well, actually, two hands, in doing the hair for the wife of one of the night’s nominees.  He’s the sound technician for one of my favorite shows, THE VOICE.  (Don’t you love it?)  So I was doubly thrilled having the chance to do his wife’s hair.  It was so much fun, not to mention exciting, on a couple of levels.  That’s because I got to do what I do best, hair.  I cut, colored and styled her hair and, I have to say, styling is the favorite part of what I do.  That’s because it gives me the chance to really show off my own talent.  And nothing makes me happier than seeing a lady, or man, look in the mirror, see my work, smile and say, “Thank You, Michael!”  Hey, the pleasure was all mine.
mjhairdesigns_emmys_2018I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to show you just how beautiful I can make your hair.  It’s what we do best here at MJ Hair Designs.  Just like the two beautiful women whose hair I did for the Oscars and the Emmys, I can make you ready for your own close-up, too.  Let me prove it to you!
Ooops, popcorn’s ready and the show’s about to start.  I’m so excited.  Oh, who will win?


MJ Hair Designs, Sherman Oaks Salons Near Me

As some of you know there are quite a few salons in the Sherman Oaks

salons near me

“find” in Google. That being said, how do I pick the right one? One way to find the right place for you is to check out the website first. But sometimes that doesn’t say enough about the salon or the people and services being offered there. I always recommend calling the salon and speaking to a hairstylist personally. If the hairstylist is willing to speak to you and take the time to find out your preferences or concerns, you’re at the right place.

Salons that don’t specialize in hair color, or Brazilian Blowouts, or formaldehyde free keratin treatments will not tell you. So type in Sherman Oaks salons near me and a google rank will rank the same salons whether or not they.  I always recommend going down the list. Skip the Yelp ads with the same ranks time and again since they are usually paying for it or inorganically getting solicited reviews for that spot from paid customers. Go to the middle of the page, or even the second or third page. You might be pleasantly surprised.  The  boutique salons in the Sherman Oaks salons

near me

“find” will usually take more time and have a more seasoned hairstylists that will almost always take more time with you. These boutique salons in the Sherman Oaks salons near me “find” are usually a little pricier than places that rank higher such as Fantastic Sams, Howard Kurtz, Envy Salon, Serenity Salon or even the Onyx Salon in Sherman Oaks. But, don’t be fooled into thinking because a salon is at the top that it’s going to be the sure best thing.

MJ Hair Designs prides itself on taking the time. Michael Joseph at MJ Hair Designs is now specializing in organic color, formaldehyde free keratin and some of the most cutting edge techniques he brings with hime from the trade shows from all over the world. Michael will certainly take the time. Take the time and call and ask to speak to Michael about what you need. He is one of the leading hairstylists in Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles.

So the next time you look up Sherman Oaks Salons Near Me, look up Michael at MJ Hair Designs.


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Furtherer, Healthy Scalp
Don’t take you scalp for granted.  Want those gorgeous locks on your head to look their healthiest and shiniest?  Well, believe it or not, it really does begin with a healthy scalp.  MICHAEL, of MJ Hair Deisgns, has added an exciting new service to his menu.  The Scalp Treatment & Massage using FURTERER’S ASTERA FRESH ESSENTIAL OILS.
Beautiful hair grows on a healthy scalp, that’s the Rene Furterer brand’s philosophy.  (And I couldn’t have said it better myself.)  Formulated with essential oils and plant extracts, Furterer hair care products combine effectiveness and real sensory pleasure.  Rare and infinitely precious essential oils are the quintessence of plants, offering a natural, healthy boost to your hair’s strength.  Even after the first use, you’ll notice the difference in your hair’s look and feel.  Not to mention a treat for your senses, as Futerer’s products are known for their efficiency and delightful aromatic qualities. 
The plant extracts used in formulating the Furterer hair care line are strictly selected for the targeted results they provide.  They literally feed your hair with elements that contribute to its glow, health and beauty. A healthy scalp is truly the most important component of a healthy head of hair.  In fact, an unhealthy scalp can lead to hair thinning and, over time, may cause your hair to look discolored and/or frail.  (And we can’t have that, can we?)
Maintaining your scalp may seem easy enough but it really does require a little extra attention.  Your scalp deserves that extra TLC.  To make sure your own scalp is as healthy as it can be requires a variety of steps, and sometimes personalized treatments.  Doing it the right way will go a long way toward keeping your hair looking fabulous, at any age.

healthy scalp and healthy hair,?h4> can be achieved, using these treatments.  They’re similar to skin-exfoliation.  A scalp detox involves applying cleansing ingredients with essential oils, drawing out impurities, as it restores shine and vibrancy to your hair.  While this purification should be performed year-round, it’s especially important during the warmer summer months when sebum production peaks and your scalp is often coated with residue from using a sunscreen.  Salt water from the ocean and chlorine from swimming pools can also negatively affect the health of your scalp and hair.

Maybe I can say it better this way.  Your healthy hair BEGINS with your healthy scalp.  Let me help you have both.  Furterer’s Atera Fresh essential oils and me can help you have both!


GRAY HAIR Secret of Truly Being Beautiful, hair-dyes, hair color, allergy, allergic, best salon, hair stylist, hair colorist, sherman oaks, los angeles, PPD

With over 30 years of experience doing hair, and doing it well (thank you) I’ve learned a lot about the benefits and risks of using hair-dyes. As a hair-colorist I’ve seen lots of companies produce hair-dye products but the big question is,

HOW SAFE is Paraphenylenediamine or PPD?

I’ve seen the integrity of some of those products degrade dramatically over the years. For more than 100 years, para-phenylenediamine (PPD) and related products have been the main agents in today’s permanent hair-dyes.  PPD and its associated hair-dyes is they sometimes cause allergic reactions and allergies. In fact, during the 20th century, allergic reactions to PPD enhanced products became such a serious issue that it was banned altogether from hair-dyes in Germany, France and Sweden.

Currently, legislation from the European Union allows PPD to compromise up to 6% of hair- dyes used in the consumer market.  Why is all this important?

Well, a patient with contact allergy to a hair-dye may end-up with an outbreak of dermatitis on the face or around the hair line.   Even more severe allergic reactions may also occur.  

Especially among younger people, hair-dyes, in a variety of wild colors has become oh-so-very hip.  Even more concerning is that female high school or college-age students are dyeing their hair at shorter intervals, increasing their risk for allergic reactions.  

In the U.S.A., the number of young men dyeing their hair has increased by as much as 25%!  That’s a whole lot of hair-dye being sold.  One leading Japanese company saw its own hair-dye sales more than double in a ten-year period.  

I care about you, and of course...your healthy hair.  That’s why I use only the finest international hair-care products on my clients who want to see how great they look with a new hair color or maybe even just some fun streaks. 

I make sure the hair-color products I use are always organic, PPD-free, ammonia-free and also environmentally-friendly.  Plus, before using any of these products, I try them at home on myself first, to make sure they are toxin-free and good for my own hair, before I use it on yours.  

To dye your hair or not to dye?

That depends on the hair-dye product used.  Thinking about coloring your hair?  Let me show you how to do it the best and safest way.  NO PPD for me and certainly not for you.  We all want our hair to look its best, but that doesn’t mean having to risk some nasty allergy that will end up making you feel your worst.  I take the guesswork out of deciding which dyeing method and products are best for you!


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