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Lately, I’ve been getting calls for work with new celebrities at the salon. And usually they can be very private and non disclosures are a given and I don’t get to promote the work I do with them. Today was a little different.  I had the privilege of working on the amazing Beto Cuevas.

Beto Cuevas and I had some great conversations at the salon today. I took a true liking to him.

Beto is quite famous in the latino community. He’s truly a gift to the music world. He is currently playing Jesus in “Jesus Superstar” on the latin stage currently in Mexico City.

Beto Cuevas is a regular VERY cool kind of guy who you could sit down with and have a deep conversation very easily. He is as humble as they come, not to mention handsome.

It was great doing his hair at the salon today. Beto received a keratin treatment. Celebrities are moving fast forward on keratin treatments. Keratin treatments are really transforming and creating a really big buzz now.

I look forward to seeing him again. Thank you Beto Cuevas!

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