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MJ Hair Designs, Sherman Oaks Salons Near Me

As some of you know there are quite a few salons in the Sherman Oaks area near you and me.

So how do you find a salon near you that’s what you’re looking for. One way to find the right place is to call and speak to the person personally. You can figure out pretty quickly by whether they take the time to talk to you and take the time to find out your preferences or concerns, you’re at the right place.

Salons that don’t specialize in hair color, or Brazilian Blowouts, or formaldehyde free keratin treatments may not be able to tell you unless they know a little about chemistry.

So type in Sherman Oaks salons near me and a google search will rank salons in the area by how active online they are. I always recommend going down the list. Look at the Yelp ads and decide on way people say.  Go to the middle of the page, or even the second or third page. You might be pleasantly surprised.  The  boutique salons in the Sherman Oaks salons area might be your best solution.

These boutique salons in the Sherman Oaks salons near me “find” are usually a little pricier than places that rank higher such as Fantastic Sams, Howard Kurtz, Envy Salon, Serenity Salon or even the Onyx Salon in Sherman Oaks. But, don’t be fooled into thinking because a salon is at the top that it’s going to be the sure best thing.

MJ Hair Designs prides itself on taking the time. Michael Joseph at MJ Hair Designs is now specializing in organic color, formaldehyde free keratin and some of the most cutting edge techniques he brings with him from the trade shows all over the world.

Michael will certainly take the time and speak to you. Take the time and call and ask to speak to Michael. He is one of the leading hairstylists in Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles.

So the next time you look up Sherman Oaks Salons Near Me, look up Michael at MJ Hair Designs.


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