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Don’t take you scalp for granted.  Want those gorgeous locks on your head to look their healthiest and shiniest?  Well, believe it or not, it really does begin with a healthy scalp.  MICHAEL, of MJ Hair Deisgns, has added an exciting new service to his menu.  The Scalp Treatment & Massage using FURTERER’S ASTERA FRESH ESSENTIAL OILS.
Beautiful hair grows on a healthy scalp, that’s the Rene Furterer brand’s philosophy.  (And I couldn’t have said it better myself.)  Formulated with essential oils and plant extracts, Furterer hair care products combine effectiveness and real sensory pleasure.  Rare and infinitely precious essential oils are the quintessence of plants, offering a natural, healthy boost to your hair’s strength.  Even after the first use, you’ll notice the difference in your hair’s look and feel.  Not to mention a treat for your senses, as Futerer’s products are known for their efficiency and delightful aromatic qualities. 
The plant extracts used in formulating the Furterer hair care line are strictly selected for the targeted results they provide.  They literally feed your hair with elements that contribute to its glow, health and beauty. A healthy scalp is truly the most important component of a healthy head of hair.  In fact, an unhealthy scalp can lead to hair thinning and, over time, may cause your hair to look discolored and/or frail.  (And we can’t have that, can we?)
Maintaining your scalp may seem easy enough but it really does require a little extra attention.  Your scalp deserves that extra TLC.  To make sure your own scalp is as healthy as it can be requires a variety of steps, and sometimes personalized treatments.  Doing it the right way will go a long way toward keeping your hair looking fabulous, at any age.

healthy scalp and healthy hair,?h4> can be achieved, using these treatments.  They’re similar to skin-exfoliation.  A scalp detox involves applying cleansing ingredients with essential oils, drawing out impurities, as it restores shine and vibrancy to your hair.  While this purification should be performed year-round, it’s especially important during the warmer summer months when sebum production peaks and your scalp is often coated with residue from using a sunscreen.  Salt water from the ocean and chlorine from swimming pools can also negatively affect the health of your scalp and hair.

Maybe I can say it better this way.  Your healthy hair BEGINS with your healthy scalp.  Let me help you have both.  Furterer’s Atera Fresh essential oils and me can help you have both!

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