HydroSilk Luxury Set – Special Introductory Size

A luxury moisturizing sulfate free shampoo and conditioner that smooths, defrizzes, and seals your hair from the elements. The silk protein restores your hair by mending split ends. The sweet almond oil repels water and humidity, helping hair maintain it’s blow-out style or its natural desired form. And the shea butter retains needed moisture and prepares hair for your next shampoo.

Your hair is important to you and we know it. We have a clear understanding of how to keep the integrity of your hair intact, shiny, smooth and easy to style.

What makes MJ Hair Science stand out from all the other conditioner products out there?

  • All of our products are designed and mastered by hair stylist of 30 years Michael Joseph
  • Our products are made with real organic ingredients
  • Our products are also formulated by real chemists working with master stylist Michael Joseph backed by art and again by science
  • You will not find any filler or harsh chemicals in any of our ingredients
  • We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction

With MJ Hair Science, you are not only getting a luxury haircare experience, but quality ingredients certain to make a difference in how your hair behaves and looks.


Not being satisfied until I got the best, I pursued, prodded and pushed the manufacturing industry until I got the highest grade of sulfate-free cleansing ingredients for your luxury hair experience.

HydroSilk contains silk protein that restores and strengthens the bonds in your hair. The organic sweet almond oil removes toxic oil buildup that hinders hair growth. And the West African karite tree butter is rich in Vitamins A and E, and offers UV protection.

HydroSilk elevates your haircare experience to a level you’ve never felt before.


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