Dry Keratin Treatment

Do you have seriously curly hair and just want to soften the curl a bit? A keratin treatment without the hot iron is one way to achieve that. Recently I had a young lady who wanted to maintain her curl but just loosen it a bit. She had the most beautiful curl on her head, but the curl was just too close to the scalp and was giving her too much volume from the root. A dry keratin was what I gave her.

A keratin treatment blow-dry without the iron.

Not all keratin treatments require a flat iron or a keratin press. If you just want to dampen the frizz or curl, you can achieve it with a dry keratin treatment.

Keratin treatments can be very versatile for many different occasions. A hot iron can press it into the hair for a flat sleek look. Sometimes I’ll use a warm to mild temperature to restore the life and protein missing from bleached frizzy dry hair.

Today Samantha received a Dry Keratin Treatment. A treatment without the hot press, or flat iron. I treated her hair with the Uberliss Fiber Expander and then set the dryer to medium heat for 20 minutes with the Uberliss Reconstructor. We then lightly rinsed and blew her dry.

The final result will be after 72 hours when Samantha goes home and washes her hair. She will then have her curl again, but this time loose and smooth.

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