Keratin and Hair Color Red Auburn

What’s first keratin or color?
Some might say coloring your hair should come first since the keratin treatment locks in the color.
Some might say the color should come second, since the keratin might lighten up the color of the hair.

If you’re trying to cover your gray, It might be safer to color your hair a few weeks before the keratin treatment. The keratin treatment can become a barrier to color if you’re trying to cover the gray hair. I usually like to see my clients in person and book the treatments about two weeks apart.

I individualize the treatments based on the persons hair. Some people don’t lose any color at all, but some people do. Most times, the order doesn’t really matter. But I’ve learned that the texture and porosity of a persons hair might play a bigger part than anything else. Doing these treatments have taught me how to prejudge the outcome based on the individuals hair. Therefore, a consultation and an exam of the hair before the real appointment is usually in order.

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