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Sulfate free shampoos and shampoos with sulfates both serve a purpose. They’re both just as good as each other.  Below I’ll explain why.


Most days at the hair salon, I hear the question: “why are sulfate free shampoos better for you?” The answer can complicated and depending on the needs of a person, maybe be interchangeable. Sulfate free shampoos are known for being mild, yet they may not have the flash their sulfate counterparts might have. Typically, sulfate-free shampoos do not lather as well as shampoos with sulfates. The good thing is, if your hair is color treated, sulfate-free shampoos can help preserve the color. And if your hair has a tendency to be oily, sulfates might be good for you.

The sulfates in shampoos have a tendency to pull color from color treated hair. Hair coloring is usually much more vulnerable to being stripped than normal hair.  Especially hair that’s color treated with semi or demi-color treated hair.

Also, another important factor before choosing a shampoo, is where the Sodium Laurel Sulfate ingredients may fall on the list. Some shampoos have just the right amount of sulfates to help clean the hair well enough and still keep it conditioned.

An example when to use a sulfate-free shampoos is when you just had a keratin treatment at the hair salon. The sulfates in  a shampoo can easily strip the keratin you just had pressed into your new beautiful smooth and hair. I always recommend a sulfate-free shampoo for hair that is keratin treated.


Shampoo with sulfates are great for people who have oily hair. If your hair has a tendency to get a little on the oily side, the Sodium Laurel Sulfate  surfactant in shampoo is effective in cleaning and removing it. Thick hair may need the sulfates to help lather up enough to attach itself to the dirt and oil when a milder shampoo won’t cut it.

Sulfates can sometimes help hair that’s thinning and can help remove the free radicals or the DHT build-up on the scalp that’s suffocating the follicle.  A clean scalp can help reduce the inflamed follicle that might be causing you to lose your hair. The follicle will breathe better and grow thicker and nicer.

Whenever I see someone with fine oily hair at the hair salon, I always use a shampoo with sodium laurel sulfate.

I myself like my hair stripped of the oil so that my fine strands look a little thicker.

The next time someone suggests a sulfate-free shampoo, take into consideration what you heard at the hair salon here at MJ Hair Designs. Sulfate and sulfate-free shampoos have their plusses and minuses depending on your hair and it’s personal needs.

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