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Recently I got a call from a young actress looking to color her hair.  I love this kind of work since it’s what I do best.  As a hair color specialist, I take my job very seriously! When your hair color could mean the difference between landing or losing the role, it becomes an even more challenging experience and super fun for me.  When coloring long hair, one must be very careful not to do too much.

Virginia is a versatile young actress whose work includes a lead in the film Wicked Mom’s Club (Lifetime) and a supporting role in the sports movie Last Champion (In-House Media Film Partners). She also recently played various TV roles in the series Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (CBS), Miss 2059 (New Form Digital), General Hospital (ABC), and Code Black (CBS).

Virginia came in asking for something different but wasn’t completely sure of what to do. She was ready for some good hair coloring advice. She and her team were ready to take her career to a new place. Not being sure where to go, Virginia was ready to get some good long hair coloring advice, …  that’s where I stepped in.  Stepping up her career meant bringing some life back to her hair. Making sure not be too obvious with her color and pigeonholing her was the difference between detracting from her face and limiting her options for future roles as an actress. It’s a balancing act. I knew the work I had to do could be the difference between landing her the role and not.

When coloring long hair, I always advise not to do too much that you become a slave to your roots and a victim to the reason why you may not be getting the role.

I used a technique I developed called, “the crolayage“.

Coloring long hair requires precise control, foresight, and a lot of experience.

With Virginia, I first crocheted some highlights into her hair in a face frame manner. I used three different shades on her long strands. A shadow color close to her roots, the real color on the mid shaft, and a more gentle color on her ends.This is to make sure it looks seamless from the roots, colorful on the shaft, and blend and preserve the integrity of the hair at the ends. (The ends on long hair are always more vulnerable to color since they’ve been with you for a longer time… they require special care).

Coloring long hair truly requires a lot of experience. Not something to be taken lightly. It could be with you for a long time,  and fixing it could take forever.


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