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Not if my incredible weekend spent at the PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY ASSOCIATION’S BEAUTY WEEK at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Resort is any indication! 
The event was elegantly hosted by  COSMOPROF NORTH AMERICA and oh, what a fun and educational affair it was.  I have to say, my weekend at Beauty Week was more than worth the visit to Las Vegas. 
I’ve been doing hair for three decades and, luckily for me, I don’t just “do hair.”  It’s an art form for me, and I feel like an artist when I’m doing hair. 
Nothing makes mehappier than making my clients look and FEEL beautiful after a visit with me at the salon! 
My years of salon experience has taught me so much but, I’ll never learn so much that there’s not room to learn even more.  That’s why attending BEAUTY WEEK was so important for me.  
I should give you a little background about the Professional Beauty Association (PBA)
First, a big thumbs way-up for STEVE SLEEPER, the PBA’s Executive Director, a man who takes his job as seriously as I take my own. 
The PBA is a non-profit whose mission is to elevate, unite and serve the beauty industry, along with the hardworking professionals who are so dedicated to improving the lives of their clients by making them look and feel their best. 
One of the ways the PBA does that is  to keep us in the beauty industry up-to-date on the latest products and techniques, helping us improve our craft.  (You can see why it was so important for me to attend.)  


Cosmoprof North America hosted Beauty Week,

and it is the largest and most awarded beauty event in the Americas.  Attending this year’s event gave me the opportunity to learn so much, keeping me on top of my art, so I can keep making my clients looking and feeling like works of art. 
Not surprisingly, the group is growing by leaps-and-bounds every year. 
That growth is thanks to their being the premier launching pad for discovering new product innovations and getting those products to those of us in the beauty industry which, in turn, gets the latest products and techniques working for you.  


Beauty Week

was truly an international event. 
For me, it meant having the opportunity to meet vendors from all over the world, talk with them about their products and receiving the best advice possible on how to apply their products and services to my work. 
The Week of Beauty gave me the opportunity to make new relationships with a long list of professionals in the industry.  Now, let me tell you why this is so important for me.
I’ve worked in a number of Los Angeles-area hair salons for years, but it’s time for a new beginning. 
My ultimate dream, in progress, right now, is to strike out on my own and to have my name over the door of what will be one of Los Angeles’ finest hair care and beauty salons.  I’m ready for my closeup and…ready to get youready for yours. 
Attending Beauty Week was an important part of making that dream come true for me.  Stay tuned!

And, oh yeah. 

My trip to Los Vegas wasn’t all just about work.  There was plenty of time for fun!  One of the highlights of the weekend was the PBA’s NATIONAL HAIR STYLING AWARDS. 
I was lucky enough to have professional photographer access (photography is a hobby of mine) so I was so excited not only watching the beauties on the red carpet.
The unclose views of some of the most outstanding hairstyles, were fun to look at while I was busy snapping away with my camera.  (I felt like a regular Hollywood paparazzi!)
Hey, who says beauty is only skin deep?  I’ve met and worked with so many clients over the years.  And, I’m delighted to say, many of them were already beautiful on the inside. 
My mission is to make it so their own inside beauty is reflected in their physical, outside beauty.  And, I have to add, I do it well!  
Are you feeling and looking beautiful today?
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