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Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking in front of some of the most beautiful women of the organization Expediente Roho and the Red Record Project. Because the conversation was about beauty and how we all define it, I was taken back by how beautiful these women were inside and out and then realized I had to get on board.

The Red Record Project, collaborates with law enforcement at the local and federal level. It also, organizes community forums, seminars and free workshops. Because these organizations cover domestic violence, child abuse, bullying, hate crimes, human trafficking, and fraud against the elderly, I realized how great they really were covering all these topics.

The organizations the Red Record Project, and  Expediente Rojo also educates neighborhoods, communities and community leaders and gives them the knowledge needed for the prevention of violence and crime in their neighborhoods because we all need to learn.

Please take the time and check out their websites because we all know someone affected. Please donate, give time and pass on the word. We all know at least one person that could use these organizations help.  You could be the one person that make the biggest difference in a persons life.

Thank you!

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