red hair color

Red hair color is the trickiest of all color, but I LOVE IT!

In the 70’s and 80’s red dyes became the BIG SCARE.  The red dye industry scrambled very quickly to find out how to reorganize their compounds since the rumor red dye might be causing cancer.

Remember when they pulled out the red m&ms, or the red cool aide? Well, the same went for red hair dyes.

Since then, reds have never been the same. Red hair color has  improved considerably in the last 10 years. Red heads and blondes are my most favorite to work with in the salon. Reds and blondes have so many nuances colors, their are hundreds of shades in the spectrum. Red Hair coloring is my most lovable challenge,  next to blonde hair which can vary widely as well.

Red hair color can be a blue base, and orange base or even a pink base and in density levels.

I like matching red hair next  to a persons skin undertone, color of eyes and even what their racial heritage may be.

Check out this redhead client who started out with about 70% gray hair and 30% of her mousy brown.

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