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Recently I got a call from a long time client and now friend requesting for her hair to be colored and  styled.  She was attending a work holiday party with an old Hollywood theme. One process in hair coloring was very high fashion in old Hollywood. Marylyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Jeanne Carmen, Grace Kelly and many more. All were one process color girls.

One process color in hair coloring is the best way to cover gray and change your over all color and look.  

Although my client Paula doesn’t have gray hair, the dark blonde shade she naturally has could use a little zing. Paula’s natural hair color is about a level 7.

To breathe some life into her hair, I decided to go a little warmer than her natural color. This well help  brighten up her skin and add a little pizzaz to her look with a one process color.

Using OWAY, the PPD free, Resorcinol free and ammonia organic color, I colored Paula’s hair with a formula using two different shades of blonde.

One process color can be very striking when done right.

After coloring Paula, I curled and set her. I then used a finger wave technique with clamps and cutout boards to create the old Hollywood crescent shaped waves. What a blast!

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