HydroSilk at Melrose Place Farmers Market Success!

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Melrose Place Farmers Market HydroSilk

Thank you to John Carey for all the hard selfless work to help make this a very successful first day at Melrose Place Farmers Market.

Thank you to my wonderful beautiful sister Hikmat who stood by me and helped at every step of the way under the tent.

And thank you to my beautiful friends and family for being there with me through this long and winding road. You helping me through this journey of research and development was invaluable.

Also, thank you to my wonderful supportive clients who always encouraged me to keep going even when the hurdles kept coming. Your support through my first run of HydroSilk means the world to me. 

This first day at the Farmers Market not only greeted me with a sunny beautiful day, but the team at Melrose Place was just amazing and super organized.

You guys are the best!

Hope to see you all next week Sunday at Melrose Place Farmers Market. 

Melrose Place Farmers Market



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