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When it comes to hair and fashion, powder down ladies! No more gloss, no more glitter. If your a beautiful bride over 40,  the colors you choose should reflect the years of experimenting with them all. At this point in your life,  find the colors the represent your new sophistication and wisdom in what looks best on you today. The most sophisticated colors are colors we can’t pin down. Nature has a way of knowing that intrinsically. We as human beings know this instinctively.  It’s what we call color value. Values represent how light plays on color or how bright a color might be. Choose wisely and know that if it’s too bright, it might be too much for you. If the color looks too important, it can upstage you and your personal beauty. You should dominate, not the color or hairstyle you wear. You should shine not your make-up or your dress. Simply sophisticated and not awkward is key. Have fun with figuring out how sophisticated and beautiful you really are. Try a muted tone for your dress. Try a simple hairstyle for your hair. Try skin tones for your make-up. Enjoy your wedding  and not worrying about the choices you made.

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