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Elchim Hot Honey Care

Thanks to the innovative technology coming from the Elchim family in Italy, the heat driven Hot Honey Care Treatment is the new sensation taking the spotlight in Europe. The Hot Honey Care Treatment is a pod your hair stylist will attach to the Elchim dryer through a new port on the nozzle. The Hot Honey Care Treatment pod is activated while the dryer gets hot and your hair  gets styled and blow-dried. The treatment is distributed evenly through the nozzle . The new patented technology is fresh and something we stylists have never seen. Taking good care of your hair in one pass without spending the extra added time, so you can spend more time on other important services. Your hair will be softer and shinier while being styled without having to sit under a hair dryer and spend more of your valuable time at the salon.

Hot Honey Care serves as an Anti-frizz, smoothing treatment all sustained in one pass.

The Sublime Liss and Supreme Glossy treatments straight from Milan are the latest treatments just hitting the American markets now. Ask MJ Hair Designs about this new exclusive service being offered at the salon.

Elchim does it again. Thank you for making life better for all of us.

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